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...for new 8 million dollar facility next to original facility off Main St. in DT after 2 years of design and fundraising. Unfortunately it is the one in Hornell, NY not Lockport. I wonder why the process for our wonderful facility "expansion"  isolated 2 miles away behind a soon to be vacated Wal-Mart is moving so slow? ;) Maybe a grander vision building off the recent growth in DT would inspire people and move it a little faster? I'm a little closer to getting the hypothetical DT Lockport site plans. Stay tuned.

Hornell YMCA Expansion Site Plans

Interactive Map of Hornell Location:

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Buffalo News Article


Rocketboy said...
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Anonymous said...

It's funny because we are not talking about an east side of Buffalo vs. Amherst location. Just where is the "upscale" section of Lockport? ;)

A superior facility will draw new (upscale) customers regardless of location. a DT location next to a new Ice Rink, Niagara Produce, the Library, etc would offer even more amenities in a park-once environment while being centrally accessable to all residents be it by foot or wheel. Those who have to drive will drive regardless (2 extra miles from the south). Why force all users (esp children, elderly, etc to have to drive there?

From the YMCA website:
"Across the nation, YMCAs are committed to helping...
...Families build stronger bonds, spend time together and become more engaged with their communities"
I'm still curious how creating an islolated campus with no sidewalk access engages a community. ;)

Rocketboy said...
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