Old Kenyon's Becoming an Aaron's?

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Old Kenyon's work as of 6/29

Google Street View of Old Kenyon's

I noticed recently that the overhaul of the old Kenyon's at Walnut and Transit becomes more and more intensive. Not only is the inside being redone but the the outside is also getting a redo with only the brick portions remaining untouched. A nice touch is the full floor to ceiling windows that have gone in along Walnut Street.

Word is that Aaron's (rent to own) is moving here from the current location in the plaza down S. Transit Street. While I was hoping for something unique to go in here (I live within walking distance) I am at least happy to see the building occupied and receiving new investment. Most of us would agree that these types of stores are a sign of weak income levels nearby and probably not the type of store one would want as the gateway to DT. As DT grows other uses could follow and the invesment should be welcomed. It is a better fit here then say on Canal St.

For a non-historic structure the design is notable in that the extra store fronts (occupied) facing Saxton are a nice touch to keep eyes and activity along both streets. It would be nice if this building (and a few others) would have have been built to interact with the canal more, similar to the structures across from it on W. Main St. It is possible to travel through Lockport on the canal and pretty much miss it.

I'm curious to see what the new signage looks like since I think this area falls into the DT signage district.


Rocketboy said...

Either they just miss the district, strings have been pulled, or somehow they got a 'Corporate sign' exemption that wasn't available for Curves.


The planning board approved the Aaron’s site and sign plans on Monday. One, two-sided freestanding sign and one face sign, both lit, will be erected. They’re the same style of signs, using the corporate logo, as have been at Lockport Plaza, according to company official Stephen Reddy.

Anonymous said...

I saw that. I sent an e-mail and confirmed that they are indeed part of the sign district but didn't hear anything else about exemptions and why. I'm surprised the paper did not report on it.

Planning meetings are the first Monday of every month. I think I am going to start attending. Pry easier than constantly asking questions.

Beverly said...

MJ...surprised the paper didn't report on it? How long did it take the paper to report on it? We were talking about it in the forum. I agree with what was said on there (and since gone) - and granted it is a business that makes the owners a lot of money, I just think it really rips people off. But I am glad to see that the old Aaron's will not be empty. Now, if we could only get a Delta Sonic in somewhere!

Rocketboy said...

I don't understand how rent to own rips people off. The terms of the deal are very laid out and easy to understand. The total end price if you complete the rent-to-own is also stated. If you think it's a good deal to spend that much money on something, that's really your fault, isn't it? Not to mention that rent-to-own places do take major risks due to the customers that they service. I'd hate to see the amount of loss due to damaged and stolen/missing goods.

Beverly said...

Rocketboy ~ maybe you took my statement a little out of context. But if you look at the population that rent to own centers cater to, it is usually those of lower income. And they do overcharge for their products. For a person it is just bad financial sense (or non-sense?) to go that route, but I understand if they need to. But I guess if people want to do it, to each their own. Some places charge fees for checks and also charge interest rates, when all is said and done, up to 400%. I just keeping thinking of the Syms commercial "Where an educated consumer is our best customer" is the complete opposite of one the rent a centers would use.

Rocketboy said...

The thing is, a lot of items in the rent-to-own places are not 'needed' items. If you need a bed to sleep in, sure, but you can pick up something cheap and temporary at WalMart for the price of a few payments. But yes, they do cater to people with a lower income, who do usually have bad financial sense. Sort of like the New York State lottery. :)

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