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The Buffalo News has an update on the quest of the Davidsons to restore Union Station.

Some select quotes:

State agencies have rejected three grant applications for restoration of the fire-ravaged Union Station, but the owner said Friday he’s determined it won’t be a case of “three strikes and you’re out.”

Mark Davidson, of Los Angeles, vowed that the $3 million project will be completed under his ownership. “I don’t care if I’m 75 years old,” said Davidson, who’s only 44.

Davidson said private investors have offered him money for a piece of the project, but so far he has turned them down.

“I don’t want to take any funds unless the grants go through,” he said.

Davidson said he and his wife, a Lockport native, are moving here in a couple of months and will enroll their three children, a 6-year-old daughter and 9-and 11- year-old sons, in Lockport public schools. They’ve already bought a house on East Avenue.

“It’ll be more hands-on,” said Davidson, who is retiring from his job as a set decorator in Hollywood studios. However, he said there are a few projects he still needs to finish, so he will commute coast-to- coast for a while.

This project along with a new YMCA [I know they are "too far along" ;)] and ice rink would completely transform the Union/Washburn/Chestnut area. If all were on a quest to move forward and reference each other it would have to help the chances of obtaining grants for each of them. A semi-coordinated effort would be nice to see. A reborn Union Station over looking a cleared Dessault site with playing fields onto the view off of the escarpment would be a beautiful thing.

This article also goes to show the power of raising your children to love and respect where they are from. Instead of raising them to loathe the place and flee forever, try the opposite. They may create something here; even if they choose to leave for a period of time.



jaws said...

This guy sounds real interesting...lives in Cali but wants to retire in Lkpt? In the city no less! Good for him I hope this actually works out. Would make a great looking restaurant/tourist stop and the possible train ride connection. I think the ice rink is going to do a lot for the city and this area in particular. I'm so excited about this rink. No more waiting for a pond to freeze over!

Anonymous said...

It must be because of the wife. Maybe she gave a great sales pitch? As I mentioned above make it so your children may have the desire to come back someday with new people, ideas, drive, money, etc.

I've been trying to get the conceptual downtown YMCA site plan that the LUSJ mentioned a couple weeks ago but with no sucess yet. The ice rink, restored station, new YMCA etc would be a massive investment for the area and city as a whole. A current large dead zone would be full of life.

Matt said...

My aunt and Uncle are the ones who own the station. They will be here soon to take care of business.

Anonymous said...

That's GREAT! Any updated information for the public? Renee Z. Lockport, NY

Anonymous said...

OK so my last comment makes me look a bit foolish. I was looking at the other comments with the dates 2009 and this Buffalo News article is really from July 2010. Thanks MJ! Wonderful and updated info. Let's keep Lockport growing! RZ

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