Wait, what?

Posted by Black Phillip


I just picture someone clicking "No" while muttering "Hey you kids, stop having fun".

At the risk repeating myself (if you read comments), I have to say that this years fireworks were VERY impressive.  Much better than the past few years.

All the better reason to stop them now, right?




Anonymous said...

They seemed similar to last year's to me (the first Lockport show we went to).

And I say music! Maybe the LUSJ can do a poll? ;)

As for this one, more telling would have been 4 options

a) yes and we attend the shows
b) yes but we do not attend the shows
c) no but we attend the shows
b) no and we do not attend the shows

jaws said...

I was kind of amused reading taht some towns have eliminated fireworks for "financial" reasons. How much are they really saving $5000-10000? Maybe they figure there citizens will watch them in another town on someone elses buck. I think its money well spent to celebrate our countries independence.

LockportGal said...

I saw on the news that the fireworks cancelled in Blasedell would have cost $17,000.

Anonymous said...

With 2700 residents that would be $6.30 cents per resident. Another one of those instances where all these little governments don't make sense. I think the cost is too high.

Take the 57,000 in all of Hamburg and you reduce that to $0.30/resident. Does Hamburg have its own shows? Seems to me the best bet would be more regional shows with those within in sharing the costs. For a place as small as Blasdel I'd say why bother to have your own? how many are you drawing? Is it show casing your village in some way?

jaws said...

Wow $17,000? Lkpt has a three year deal for fireworks @ $7,500 each year. Heard they were pretty good/same as usual this year from several people.

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