Graffiti Response Plan?

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The picture above shows "recent" graffiti in the Genesee area. It has been there for several weeks now since it was reported in the LUSJ that city hall was also the sprayed down. Several other properties were hit on Genesse alone though I don't recall the paper mentioning any of it besides city hall.

I've always been pleasantly surprised by the lack of graffiti in Lockport (except for maybe the parking garage). This is quite sad to see that not one of these instances have been cleaned up yet since they have happened and it is quite concerning considering the governmental function of keeping the city clean and safe. And not just actual safety but also perceived safety which affects a lot of people's decision of where they choose to live and how they treat the area they live in (broken window theory/demoralization). It has been demonstrated that these small things correlate with higher rates of more serious crime.

Charleston S. Carolina has a policy where they stock over 40 paint colors and on the same day of a report (from an officer or the public) and an officer and state prisoner is sent out around at 4:30 to quickly paint them over. Even in the poorest parts of town graffiti does not exist for more than 24 hours on public or private property. Quite the deterrent and show of concern and action by the city. A morale builder.

Does anyone think something like this would work in Lockport? A 24 hr response may be too much to ask but the several weeks that have since passed is not too much to expect it to be gone by now? Maybe it is from lack of knowledge of its existence but I assume its from the lack of a plan. Why not prisoners/community service or city employees (I know, work limiting rules ;) or even just supplying volunteers and giving them the tools and authority? With the lack of graffiti overall in Lockport I do not see it as being all that hard to keep up on, even weekly. But a lack of response will most likely breed more the longer it sits. The Genessee area is in quite the tough spot as it is. This newest addition is not going to do it any favors. Also, what about the responsibility of property owners to correct the damage?

In addition to the stuff on Genessee there are also instances downtown on old ramp and behind the Clinton Building on Main St. Both of these are visible from the canal.

Not the best image to present tourists nor residents while visiting the "biggest draw" in the city.

I usually like to focus on the "prettier" stuff but thought I would look into this. I've sent an email or two. Instances like these are great steps to developing plans for the future.


Rocketboy said...

I'm all for a zero strikes policy for graffiti. With time served. Or shooting on site, whichever is cheaper. :)

There are a few tags in the north end, but nothing like that popped up on Genesse street.

Beverly said...

This graffiti is nothing when compared to areas in Buffalo and even outside cities. Its a shame that people do this, even to a boarded up home. I remember there being a rash of graffiti some years back, and many policies were instituted (no sales of spray paint to individuals under 18) and I wonder if those are still in place? What I find funny are what they wrote. Someone has been watching too many cartoons and getting some crazy ideas, or worse yet, smelling the fumes and killing off a few brain cells.

LockportGal said...

The old Scirto trophy place on Pine and Genesee got it too. I wonder if the reason its still there is because it was all on private property. Probably private properties of owners no longer in the area, absentee landlords who do not care. I say clean it up and send owner of the property a bill.

LockportGal said...

ok..got my old name back!

Anonymous said...

I think that is where time frames come in. Graffiti should be a code violation. I searched the city code for it and found no instnaces of the word "graffiti". But even if it was already a code violation, there should be no wasting of housing court's time over several months to get it fixed.

The city should have a law allowing it to take care of it after X number of days. I don't even care if does not charge as the covering holds a lot of value. If the owner does not like the lack of exact match of paint, well they would have had to paint over it anyways and could do so later.

Those "no spray paint to those under 18" types of laws are rediculus. Punish the responsible repectful kids who want to paint their bikes, etc while those who want it will still get it.

This was no more than crappy tagging. Get it covered immediately after it happens to show it is worthless to attempt it.

LockportGal said...

The no spray paint to those under 18 probably wouldnt work..probably 20ish wannabe gang members anyhow. Same way kids get ciggies and booze..they just find someone to get it for them.

Rocketboy said...

Looks like we got some of them..


So, how does pepper spray taste? :D

Let's hope punishment is swift and severe.

Tenrai said...

Lol theres lots of graffiti its just no1 notices it except at the Parking structure. theres graffiti on the fire escape to the road Sub-delicious is on theres graffiti above sub delicious theres graffiti on the "soon to be" (yeah right) Lockport Ice Rink, theres graffiti inside it as well, and thats just down main street and it wont be a swift severe punishment itll be a slap on the wrist. The only graffiti tht gets painted over quickly is the graffiti in the parking structure facing Cafe Karma (itll always be the daily grind to me) and quite frankly its a waste of time covering it theyll just be back at it in a week, the only reason a writer stops tagging is cause the walls are so FUBAR you cant even do a decent piece on them, and the morons painting over the graffiti are covering it with PRIMER they might as well yell "heres a fresh piece of wall that will barely even drip come paint here" personally i say give em an abandoned building (the parking structure, Lockport ice rink) somewhere they can "express themselves and no harm to anyone, first thign a construction crew at lockport ice is gonna do is Cover the cement prime it and paint it there own colors anyways, so let the people paint. Id rather they paint in some abandoned building than bring it to the side of some main building on the Main drag of lockport

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