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Image - Photo merge of Outwater Fireworks and Main St. Jul '09

I've enabled anonymous commenting to possibly bring more people into the fold. I appreciate all feedback and conversation. Comments were initially restricted due to the true poor behavior on the LUSJ forums last fall. That behavior has been absent for quite awhile and I've always hated to make people to sign up for another account they may not have. If everything stays respectfulI'll keep commenting set up this way.

Image above is from a walk last night and the fireworks on Sat. Not much scenery at Outwater Park to compose around so I had the idea last night to merge a firework shot with a DT night scene.


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LockportGal said...

Ok..im not anonymous anymore.

Beverly said...

So how were the fireworks this year? I was out of town and missed my yearly walk to North Park to watch them. I had heard that some people were disappointed in other towns' (i.e. Tonawanda) fireworks displays saying they were too short. I think, "what do you want for free?" I love them and would be sad to ever see them go away!

Anonymous said...

Buffalo News hidden in another article:

Ceretto, who is running for a seat in the Assembly.

Also, Medicaid is the largest item in all county budgets in New York; Niagara County will spend more than $40 million this year.

“That’s a lot of money our hardworking families are asked to give up for other people’s social welfare,” Ceretto said. “It’s not right to ask Niagara County taxpayers to subsidize junkies and their lifestyles.”

The Legislature also approved a 100-kilowatt, three-year allocation of Niagara Project hydropower, from a block the county controls, to Vishay Thin Film, a high-tech Wheatfield manufacturer that intends to expand its plant and create 20 new jobs.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great idea, its about time, i have to for my job and so should they. Its time a test should be given for people who make my taxes higher and higher. Maziars and Ceretto have my vote!

Rocketboy said...
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Anonymous said...

haha he replied to himself one minute later... next time try not to make it so obvious

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