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Posted by MJ

Since the comments for most posts end up being about commenting etiquette itself, I'm creating this FAQ post..

  1. Keep on the topic at hand. If you desire to relate it to another topic have the information/logic to back it up in the post.
  2. No personal attacks. Feel free to respond to a certain commenter to facilitate a conversation. Do not call names, make threats, etc.
  3. Do not make posts political. For a post about a certain person (i.e. Joe Blow Running for Mayor) be sure to have some substance in the post. Comments such as (Joe Blow Sucks) will face the chopping block. Resorting to name calling/etc pretty much shows any information in the post was not worth while.
  4. No trolling, baiting or trying to start an argument.
  5. I cannot delete line by line. Don't risk a valid post being deleted in whole by adding something stupid at the end of it. Whining that your comment was deleted will also be deleted.
  6. When comments are removed I'll usually make a "cleaned up" comment and possibly include a reason why.
I expect more than school yard banter in the commenting. I assume most people who come here to be full grown adults with some interest in the coarse of the city so I am expecting professional adult behavior. I take the time to provide a place for items affecting Lockport to be discussed. Please give the courtesy of taking the time read any information provided and making a proper comment.

I'll add this to the FAQ buttons to the left of the posts. I'll update it as issues arrive. Please place all comments pertaining to deletions, etiquette etc here.

Thank you.


Patti said...


Pol said...

not sure where to post this, but it is a funny commentary regarding other bad forms of arguments, the 'offer solutions not criticism' faint..


MJ said...

Just want to thank everyone. It was nice to come back from a long weekend without having to clean up.

MJ said...

From an anon in the Tucker thread:

"Mr. Tucker goes to Albany not just for us..please
What's George Maziars doing in Albany then?

He aspires to move up in the party ranks, and has been mentioned as possible candidate for other statewide offices if he is defeated in November. I wonder if you need your G.E.D for those kind of jobs?"

Can anyone point out the purpose of the post?

Anonymous said...

I think they were trying to infer either Tucker didn't graduate from high school, doesn't have a ged or he only has a ged.
As far as the George reference I don't have a clue what they meant.

GI Joe said...

I think I read a Patti Post on here that had something to do with the debates and whether Tucker would be present. Maybe it was about that? I'm pretty sure Tucker is a HS grad.

When in doubt....wipe it out!

Patti is Crazy! per some ignorant people said...

I, also, believe he is a Graduate of Lockport High School. I think he has some College credits as well. Not positive but I think so. Florida comes to mind. I'm not about to call the man up at home and ask him to satisfy a few cretins.

The only time, I think, I brought up educational levels is when I mentioned that, when a political campaign advertises around here, they aim for those with an 8th Grade education. This is black letter law in Niagara/Erie Counties' politics. If anything, it's gone down to around a 6th Grade education.

I never used those numbers vis a vis any particular candidate but, now that you mention it, how high did Jack Smith stay in school? And what, exactly, is his job? Other than the Common Council of course. I'm just curious. I read just about everything out there and I've never seen his employment record mentioned.

Patti is Crazy! per some ignorant people said...

@ MJ - No - Thank YOU (again)!

I'm getting more confused re: the "anon" you're referring to. Talk about BASHING!
The guy goes to Albany almost every week on business which has led to our city receiving a bundle of money due to his efforts - with the help of Senator Maziarz.
Sometimes, and he knows this is a pet peeve of mine, his pronunciation skills are lacking. I couldn't tell you about Smith's 'cause I've never heard him say more than 2 or 3 sentences in a row.
Tucker is who he is and he's not going to change just because he accepts pronunciation "help."
Nothing, I don't think, will change Smith's view of the world. He's right - no one else is. Sounds like obama and we sure don't need another fledgling boss to mess up our city like obama has devastated the country. Has he ever run even a small company? Who does he work for now? What's his executive experience?
Who knows? What I do know is he's got me on "digital media" yet he refuses to turn them over as he is required to. Talk about unethical...

GI Joe said...

Much said about nothing. Who cares? The guy has been Mayor for 8 years. He's had his chance. He's done some marginal things, but nothing that spectacular. If there were reasonable term limits he'd be gone by now. He's not FDR after all.

As far as Maziars performance is concerned,WNY is still getting screwed when it comes to getting our share of available State funds.I'm not impressed by George.He's your run-of-the-mill back room deal maker.

In reference to Patti's remarks: Tucker does use "them" as in "them people" instead of "those people". In the English language they are not interchangeable.
BORING BORING BORING...Mike must have thought so too when it was explained in English class!

Anonymous said...

Patti - don't bring up that Smith hasn't even run a small business as if it's a good thing Tucker did, with the results he had from running one.... I know a lot of people who got screwed by his business. Bad example! LOL

MJ said...

Got a little off track here. My question was more rhetorical. I just figured since I was deleting it for lack of substance I would point it out.

Patti the lunatic said...

Right, MJ - I thought I had to respond to the 7:30 anon. The "comparison" is stark. But you're right so I won't.

GI Joe said...

Now that we got that figured out.

Patti the lunatic said...

I regularly have an urge to correct people when they dish out incorrect information just to get my goat. The trick is to ignore them.
I simply don't want the other people who read this to think lies are truth.

Anonymous said...

Lies that Tucker ran a business that went under and screwed a lot of people, including those with gift certificates?

Anonymous said...

everything that is written on here isn't about YOU or designed to get YOUR goat.

You aren't that relevant.

MJ said...

I did a quick "blind" clean up in the mayoral posts. Thanks for bringing me back to reality in the quality of posts I have come to expect.

I'll try to finish it up later.

Patti said...


MJ said...

Behave children or there will be a "time out" coming

Anonymous said...

GIJerk - you just don't get it - how are you more identifiable as GIJoe then I am as anom? Is that your real name?
And anyone with a shred of intelligence (you???) would know from someones experience if they have a clue.
At least from your responses you are confirming that Smith does have a checkered past, thanks for that at least.

GI Joe said...

Anon 7:13

You live in an alternative reality. Once more and for the LAST TIME.

There are 10 people posting anonymously, how do I know which one you are? I want to be accurate when I accuse you of being an idiot and not some other Anonymous post-puppy.

Are you that clueless.??

MJ said...

Cleaned up for off-topic election "debating" ;)

GI Joe's point is that is is hard to have a conversation with people having the same name. It's not difficult to type a name in.

"GI JERK" is exactly the type of 5th-grade name-calling behavior that I grow tired of having to clean up. not only does it not further a conversation it degrades it quickly.

I allow anonymous so if someone wants to drop a quick statement they can without signing up for something. If you plan on returning over and over again, at least type in a name. It would help a lot.

MJ said...

Cleaned up pretty much everything from the weekend blindly since I don't have time to read through it all.

For now you'll need to use one of the 5 log-ins below. It was that or having to moderate everything which I am not willing to put the time into.

Although it is easy to anonymously post anything one must realize there is responsibility that comes along with it. Take some time to consider your comment and ask yourself if you would be willing to have your name attached to it (even if it is not).

Anonymous said...


Is there anybody home?

Anonymous said...

MJ You did a nice job of cleaning up. If you read most of the remarks, I don't have to tell you how ugly it got.

Hopefully we can keep it civil....but I doubt it.

MJ said...

Hopefully it will be quiet for a while. Try to get back to less traffic but better comments.

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