Concert Series Pros-Cons

Posted by MJ

Well the 2011 Molson Canal Concert Series has drawn to a close. Since it is always ripe for debate, lets brain storm all the pro and cons.

Please bullet list each side in your comment. If you are honest, you can find both. If you can not, your comment will be removed.

No debating one another yet (if you do, deletion ;). Just state your list. I'll tally them up and then we can discuss which way we feel the scale tips.


Anonymous said...

-Brings people from out of town spending money at our merchants.
-Get's the Lockport name out in the public.
-Some residents enjoy the concerts, gives them some entertainment.
-Gives politicians something to argue about (lol).

-Costs money while we cut budgets and lay off city workers.
-Does cause some problems (didn't I see like at least 10 arrests after the Queensrych concert, but the info was only in the Buffalo paper).

Couldn't they just charge a very small fee at the door to cover the costs? It is in an enclosed area, it doesn't seem like this would take a lot to do.

Anonymous said...


1. Having art and music is important to every community. There is nothing better than live music.
2. Although no solid numbers are available, some businesses benefit from the concert series.

1. not sure about the actual cost of the concert.A full accounting should be published.
2. Should not be tax payer funded.
3. I don't feel the promoter pays her share of the cost.
4. not enough variety.

5.If it was a money MAKER for Lockport it would be much better.

Anonymous said...

1.It gives me something to do on a friday night.
2. It promotes the city of Lockport.
3. I don't have to look in the paper to see what is going on in Erie county.
4. Contact with local officers and to see how curteous they really are.
5. Meet different people and friends you havent seen in awhile.
6. Streets are busy ,Life in Lockport.
7. Other things to do after concert ,Visit local establishments
1. Not enough concerts. This should run from memorial day to Labor day.
2. Should be better or early announcment of who is coming.

MJ said...

cleaned up a few for non-format.

MJ said...

This thread is a lot quieter than expected. My $0.02

- Creates a large draw to Lockport which may not otherwise exist
- Gives Lockport an audience of 10-15k to which we can promote visit/living here while they have an enjoyable experience.
- Provides free-admission entertainment to residents who may not otherwise afford to attend these shows at local casinos etc at $30-40 a ticket
- Cost of $12/residence or $6/resident for the entire series is the price of a fast food value meal.
- Current setup protects city in the event a good numbers of shows were rained out with low concession revenue (as compared to self promotion). Promoter carries the risk beyond the city's fixed cost.
- I hear "Lockport" almost daily in radio ads for 8 weeks a summer.
- People I know who would never have stepped foot this far up Transit have visited.
- People are walking blocks past store fronts/businesses providing possible customers at that time or to return.
- Gives a cool "Vibe" to Lockport, especially to the youth. Provides memories in hanging out in DT that are valuable to making an emotional connection to a place.
- It's great to see DT so alive.

- Costs the city around 125k per year in stage rental and police overtime.
- Attracting 10-15k people to one event will increase odds for some type of crime
- Noise may bother residents who live in the general area.
- Ties up parking for a night in DT
- Religious demonstrators on Main St. that would not otherwise be there.
- Crowds can scare/intimidate people, especially younger crowds.
- Littering by those leaving the concert.
- Some inebriated folk walking home past ours.

GI Joe said...

Rather than Pros and Cons ask for suggestion...like a change in Venue


1. Live music is great
2. It make some of the residents feel that Lockport has become important.
3.A small amount of additional business is brought into the city during the concert series.


1. The series in run with little imagination. You could extend the season, and have Rhythm and Blues Night, or Country and Blue Grass Night, or Jazz night.Instead of "retread" bands"
2. The Inner City might be an interesting venue, but maybe the concerts belong at Outwater, or a more consumer friendly site.
3. The cost of the Series is unknown.I'd like to see a full accounting in writing.
4. There should be a $2.00 charge to get in the "cage". If you show a Lockport I.D. you get in for FREE.
5.No way to do a real "Cost-Benefit Analysis"
6. If there are going to be "demonstrations" or other side-shows pick one place where they can set up and exercise their First Amendment Rights.
7. Keep Politics and Politicians away from the stage. The vote for Mike Tucker stuff was in poor taste.

Liz said...


1) Almost everyone I have spoken to outside of Lockport have told me there is not a chance they ever would have come here except for the concert series. Once they get here, they comment on how nice the downtown area is.

2) A chance to run into people and make new friends.

3) A chance for local talent to showcase themselves on a professional stage and sound system

4) Promotes a community atmosphere, the "livability" aspect

5) Businesses do make money that are in the nearby area.

6) Promotion of the arts in our community gives Lockport a good reputation


1) Where is the recycling for all the trash that is made during the event.

2) Absolutely 100% agree that politics should be out of the event. I was aghast at the fact that Mike Tucker was able to get a "vote for Tucker" in there and was about to cry misuse of public funds for campaigning, until the sponsors name cut in, they paid for the spot. Really grey area there. Definitely poor taste.

3) Not enough variety in the music. Was great to see some world fusion acts that weren't Rusted Root this year (no offense to them, I love them) but the rest was pretty predictable. Not sure what we can do about this because the promoter is obviously going to mass appeal, but that unfortunately means watered down mainstream rock stuff.

Pol said...

gets a good word out about lockport
why go to another county or to the other side to see a free concert, when we can have them in our backyard?

parking can be hard to find for out-of-towners, city lots need to be marked better.
protesters should be kicked out, freedom of speech doesn't give you permission to harass people.
loudness needs to be kept under a specific level. we need to keep in mind that there are people who live nearby.

Karen said...


*It's great to have Lockport as a destination for people in Western NY to go on a Friday night and puts Lockport on the map.

*I love being able to have a prime spot to people watch every Friday night for free!

*Alcoholic drinks are not too expensive (considering the concerts are free) and there's a good variety (not just beer).

*Community groups are able to raise money each week by selling raffle tickets/etc. Every week I would buy a raffle ticket to support these groups because it was right there in front of me.


*There is not enough promoting about Lockport and shopping downtown (and even in the town) at the concert. There should be signs/advertisements for other businesses (other than just the sponsors) in and around the venue. (Maybe even charge for advertising).

*It would be ideal to have a better mix of music at the shows (even though I go every week no matter who it is) to attract more people.

*Pop/Water should not be the same price as an alcoholic drink. $4 for a bottled water seems a little excessive. My designated driver would often have just one drink because he thought it was absurd to pay $8 for 2 bottles of water.

Overall, I don't mind my tax dollars going to these events at all and think that it's overall pretty good for Lockport.

Anonymous said...


-bringing people to Lockport who would not otherwise have come here

-music is part of living life to the fullest

-lifting the spirits of those living in Lockport


-traffic, both pedestrian and vehicle, increase, with attendant problems (potential accidents)

-Are the police helicopters flying in circles for hours really necessary? That must cost a small fortune in fuel, maintenance, and overtime!

-not enough concert weeks, not enough top notch bands/acts

Patti Loves Lockport! said...

Pro -

- The usual: Brings people to Lockport.
- Cost? I'm all for receiving detailed information as to who is paying for what.
- I love the idea of Lockportians (hate that term) get in free while out-of-towners pay a modest amount. (This MAY lead to more fights.) The people will come - especially if they've been here before and know it's a great experience.
- Music is life.
- I THINK the helicopters are provided by the Sheriff's Department and/or State Police. We don't own one.
- I LOVE the idea of more concerts throughout the warm months.
- I REALLY love the idea of mixing it up a bit. Country, Bluegrass, Oldies but goodies, etc. I haven't seen the contract with that woman, but I think we could do these ourselves. Local talent is HUGE and they're less expensive to book.
- I rarely hear them and when I do I think HOORAY! There are people in DT Lockport having fun.
- For the last concert I had to go to Tops. Knowing there was a concert, I took the back roads. I have never seen so many people being drawn downtown for anything. On every street there were people walking to the concert. They were all ages and colors and creeds. They were carrying everthing from umbrellas to lawn chairs and pushing baby carriages with more kids in tow. Fantastic!

Con -

- More people will come if you mix up the line-up. Older people, with money (does ANYONE have any money these days?), who will see our city and come back for the other stuff we have going on here - which is a lot.
- the kids with the raffle tickets? I don't like them coming up to me with their puppy dog eyes 'cause I'm a sucker for a kid's fund raising effort. I spend more on this stuff than I do for beer. I do suggest that any group that wants to solicit money for tickets, etc. get pre-approval from the city and have to wear their uniforms or a sticky pass showing they've been approved. This is ONLY for the benefit of the donors who like to know that their money is going to a REAL cause.
- the mark-up on water is obscene. At least allow people to bring in their own water. We don't want anyone dying from heat stroke 'cause they couldn't (or wouldn't) pay $4.00/bottlle.
- Cut off the alcohol half way through. Think of the young man who fell to his death in 2010 'cause he was stupid drunk - not to mention the fights.
- I'm sick of the '70's retreads - especially as they are lucky to have one guy who was in the original group.
- The concerts need better (read more expensive) Marketing. NOT just WLVL, WJJL or WECK. Got to get to WBEN and a couple of 102.5 type stations. They sell ad time in packages to bring down the cost. We also should be doing this NOW so we're able to get air-time in an election year. It will also be a lot less expensive if you do it NOW!
- They litter all manner of stuff on my front lawn - beer bottles to paper goods to used condoms. The last item is the one that disgusts me.

MJ said...

"If we want to promote Lockport shouldn't we use the positive things we have to offer?....."

Post was deleted. Follow the rules above.

isabel0486 said...

I love lockport. I moved here in 2008 from NYC. I love how the concerts bring an eclectic mix of people to the city. I also love how it gives me something fun and exciting to do on friday nights.

-Puts Lockport on the map.
-Gives you something free to do on friday nights.
-Brings business to the area.

-Anyone can drink. (I have seen many, many teen drunks at these events)
-Overserving of beer.
-I would like to see exactly how these concerts are being paid for.

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