CAGE Model

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At one time I spent 6 years instructing snowboarding. Part of the AASI (American Association of Snowboard instructors) teaching model is the CAGE system:

Goal Set

Go top to bottom and repeat. If you want to have a conversation with someone, especially if it involves some sort of critique/criticism (constructive or not) it is best to start off acknowledging what was done right and the effort put in. Especially if you are looking to reach some type of result. You'd be surprised the willingness of that person to work with you or at least hear you out.

Come out in attack mode where the person/group is doing everything wrong and/or is the root of all evil and don't be surprised when your input is marginalized or ignored. Feel free to use it in both your professional and personal lives. It works wonders with the old and young alike. Think of how you respond to those initial inputs.

One can go along way to being taken seriously when they have the self-security to at least admit what the other person/group has done right and the self-control to avoid exaggerating the point they wish to make.

Separating into groups/mobs with all or nothing mentalities moves nothing forward. Pro-Tucker, Pro-Smith, Pro-Pilot, Pro-Green or anti- any of them should not preclude everything they have done 100% good or bad. One should be able to discuss issues facing the city on their own merits while secondarily relating any actions of the people involved.


Karen said...

So sad that you need to post something like this on a blog with adults doing the posting.

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