Mayoral Candidate Forums

Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News reported on two upcoming Mayoral forums, both of which Mayor Tucker cannot make.

Mayor Michael W. Tucker said Wednesday he will not be able to attend either of the major candidate forums before the Sept. 13 primary.

Tucker said he will be in Albany on both occasions:7p.m. Sept. 1, when a taxpayers’ group is holding a forum at City Hall, and Sept. 8, when the League of Women Voters is sponsoring a debate to be broadcast on WLVL-AM Radio.

Tucker has a Republican primary against Phyllis J. Green, while Alderman Jack L. Smith Jr. and Michael J. Pillot are running on the Democratic side. All three challengers are expected to attend the forums....
 May the best generalizer and character assassin win! Or can we hope for something beyond the norm?


Anonymous said...

It's utterly ridiculous that either Tucker is ducking the debates are at least one of nthe debates coldn't be moced to a date he could attend. It's not like they are going to re-schedule national TV programming or anything for the debate.

Karen said...

I agree. Change the date of at least one debate or add another day. If anyone/everyone is serious about being mayor, they will not mind at all adding another debate.

Anonymous said...

I have a hunch Tucker doesn't mind missing a debate. He's not exactly the most eloquent person around, if you know what I mean...

MJ said...

If I were the incumbent, I would not mind missing them also. Anything worthwhile rarely gets discussed and the non-incumbents spend all their time showing how they are not you instead of why they would be good for the city.

I'll most likely go the city hall one out of pure curiosity.

Liz said...

Call me crazy, but normally before you schedule something you check to make sure people are available first. These debates are pointless if the incumbent won't be there.

Patti said...

I agree with Liz and MJ on this one - and not for any reason other than those they suggested.
Tucker - and Smith, the probable winner in the Democrat Primary, no matter how much I like Mike Pillot - shouldn't debate anyone before the Primary. It would only provide an additional public forum whereat they might say something stupid or silly which some people (like me...) might use against them.
They can't control the situation which is never a good thing for a candidate.
After the Primary? Make sure the date is good for the two winners. Tucker goes to Albany often - not because he likes it there - because he's working on our city's behalf.

Anonymous said...

Well, debate number 1 is over and I think Smith did an excellent job. As far as the date for the radio station forum I'm hearing that they had to work around things such as the common council meeting and nascar schedules. The last I heard Tucker is going to be there next week.

Anonymous said...

one thing was obvious during the forum. Smith looked like the Future, Phylis Green looked like the past, and Michael Pilot looked like he doesn't have any idea about how to run a city.

GI Joe God Bless America said...

Just a few observations: I don't see anything on-line from the Union Sun Journal about the forum.??? Was I looking to early?

Tom Prohask's article was really weak. No...it sucked. He should be ashamed to call himself a reporter/writer.

Admittedly I'm a Smith supporter. But really folks..Is there any practical, qualified opponent out of what you witnessed last evening that can beat Tucker other than Smith? Can you picture Phylis Green going to Albany and trying to explain what the city needs?

I like Phylis Green and I mean no disrespect when I say this. Can you picture Mike Pilot in Albany? I can't.

I'm sorry... Pilot seems like a nice man, but he's an empty book.We don't need another leader that governs by his gut feelings.Pilot has all the attributes and instincts of a "beat cop" but no clue what this city needs from an administrative perspective. He wants to take every phone call from all citizens about everything and anything they want to talk about. He obviously needs some "time management" advise.That sounds more like the police dispatch than the Mayors office....... and I say that with all do respect.

The "warm and Fuzziness" of going out to the streets to meet and talk with the people as Pilot thinks the Mayor SHOULD do is great but it will do nothing to move the city forward.Pilot doesn't have the answers.

Some of you may not like the choices but it's clear to me who looked Mayoral last night and who is better equipped to run the city.

MJ said...

Tucker has always had an open office to talk to people. It is how I first started talking to him. Smith as always been open too.

Anonymous said...

Being an ex-cop, Pillot is very much out of touch with the drug/crime scene in our city. It is BAD!!! I have lived here most of my life and cannot believe how much worse it's gotten. I see drug deals ocurring on streets that normally would be considered "safe" neighborhoods.

Maybe that's his job, but Chief Eggert downplays it every chance he can. Not to mention he seems to act almost defeated in the fact that there is not much we can do about it...Unfortunately, those were the exact sentiments that I heard last night thru Mr. Pillot. The same man that admitted years before that our Police force was always able to contain the drug problem in one area of our City and they seemed content with that. The same man that accused the Police of having "dirty cops" on the force but nothing came out of it. What a disgrace!

If Pillot truly wants to do something good for our city, he should step down and throw all his support behind Jack Smith. Jack proved to me last night that he is not only capable of the job but could steer our City in the right direction! Bravo Mr. Smith!

GI Joe God Bless the "Boss" said...

Let me clarify..an open office as you put it, and "taking every call" as Mike Pilot emphasized are two different things.

I think the Mayor's desire to have an "Open Door" policy is good...but it demonstrates his need to control EVERYTHING.

Do you really want the Mayor, the Lead Dog, the Head Honcho, looking into Road Kill, and a missing stop sign?

Smith has the right answer.

You must have department heads who are dependable and then you can delegate downward.You don't have to relinquish responsibility or authority, but you do need to prioritize when you're the top guy. In Lockport, being able to prioritize is one of our short-comings.

I have been involved in management and running my own company for over 25 years, and I live by a simple rule.

" If I have to do your job, then I don't need you!"

MJ said...

1)But I thought Smith wanted anyone to be able to tell the department heads what to do, not just the Mayor? The Charter say the Mayor is in charge of them. If they fail to their jobs properly it comes back on him.

2) The best way to get rid of the drug element is to reduce demand of their product and increase the demand of the area the are operating out of. Product demand falls as income levels and opportunities rise (although it never goes away, all income levels use drugs). If the neighborhood becomes more desirable the criminal element is usually pushed out by more numerous active neighbors or bought out by new homeowners.

Being as economically depressed as the city is, there will most likely be an area for that type of activity for years into the future.

Anonymous said...

2) So once again it makes so much more sense to increase the density of the social services people (like it or not, generally the most likely to be on drugs) in the bad neighborhoods!!! So we can add to the problem.

Anonymous said...

ya...bad idea...it's OK to have crime as long as you keep it in the right neighborhoods?

News Flash to Pilot and the Chief it's NOT OK.

Another new flash for Mike Pilot. Will someone please direct him to Washburn St. so that he can witness "curbside broad-daylight drug deals".

Social Engineering.

GI Joe said...

MJ..per your comments above.

I thought revising the City Charter has been on the agenda for awhile? Add " no micro managing by the Mayor". to the proposed revision list.

The charter needs some work.You can't defend everything by falling back on a City Charter that doesn't always apply to the current needs of a 21st Century small city.

Patti said...

P.P.S. Whoever is elected Mayor, they would be wise to put Mike Pillot on the Police Board.

Scott said...

If anyone really wanted to know anything about Jack Smith, they would call him. I did, and he didn't hesitate to answer to answer any of my questions. BTW- I got his number from the ward map section of the FAQs at the upper left.

pol said...

"May the best generalizer and character assassin win! Or can we hope for something beyond the norm?"

i guess the answer is sadly, no.

Anonymous said...

So to find info out about Jack Smith's past businesses and work experience every citizen of the city has to call him? Can't he publish a resume or an article letting us know his past experience?

MJ said...

Does any other candidate have theirs posted?

Patti said...

I did - I hope you who ask the same questions as I saw the answers.
If not - too late. As is his prerogative, MJ deleted all the low-life mudslinging. I appreciate this because the worst of it was directed at me.

Patti said...

For Masters Heating and Air Conditioning - Erie County Clerk's Office - Rath Building

For personal financials - Niagara County Clerk - Hawley Street, Lockport

Name and Position of any current and recent employments? I'm not going to drive by the house to see the truck.
Jack should provide more than a "description" that may or may not be true. Everyone plumps up their resume.

Lockport Sal said...

It is clearly evident that this blog has become a forum mainly to hurt, bash, and discredit people. Somehow Mr. Smith seems to pose the most threat to our current Mayor and much of what I have witnessed on this blog is either you're for or against Jack Smith or Mike Tucker. Jack Smith's supporters think he is a good man, others here not. You will never find a "perfect" person for the job. It's obvious that our mayor is not. That animal does not exist.

I do think we have to put aside all the nonsense that has been displayed here over the past several months and days, and think logically. Personal attacks and name calling here are counterproductive and only devalues the blog. Opinions are good but when we bring in other people and make accusations, we must be very careful. Uncalled for and unsubstantiated defamation of one's character is a serious offense and has gotten many bloggers & commentors involved in serious lawsuits. (IMHO it also devalues the opinion of the commentors.) That is why so many blogs have changed their format.

What was started here by MJ a few years back was a blog where people could share and exchange ideas in a civil manner. It has now degenerated to this current state of affairs.

I myself have mainly observed and not contributed. Sadly some of the people who used to comment here with valuable ideas have checked-out. (Where are you Rocketboy?) I fear that anyone else that plays by the rules will do the same. Let's hope not.

questioing said...

People from Lockport know all the other candidates backgrounds - Tucker - union man at delphi, bankrupt businessman, mayor - Green - politician for years - Pillot - retired city policeman.

Why can't we know Smith's past?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it's on his brochures and he said it during the debate. Heating Air Conditioning business for 27 years. Active member in the community with block club and trying to improve housing situation. Not sure about how much higher education he completed, but tell me about the rest of them. Does Tucker, Green, or Pillot have a BS or a BA or an MBA? Don't know, do you?

questioning said...

No we don't know.
But, did Smith have any businesses that went bankrupt like Tucker? has he filed bankruptcy himnself? What type of businessman and personal financial guy is he?
legitimate questions when he is looking to run a multi-million dolar business that "we" own, the city of Lockport.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how about Pillot or Green?

questioning said...

OK, same for them. happy Joe?

questioning said...

I guess the other candidates will remain silent and let their dark dingy pasts' speak for them.

GI Joe said...

Oh yes I am sure they all have bad pasts....
It just bothers me that just because Jack wants to hide is illustrious past people are insistent on hearing about it. It's the past, why should anyone care if for example he had a lot of problems earlier and owed a lot of money?
He obviously doesn't wan to talk about it so we should respect his rights.

Anonymous said...

I sure care if Smith filed bankruptcy on his business or if he didn't pay back loans. Is that the kind of guy you want running the city? What was the business, why did it fail, whyu won't he talk about it?
Alot of this stuff isn't known while we know the others cause they are from here and everybody knows everybody elses business & where they went to high school & id they were in the army, how many times they were married & divorced... Cause Jack isn't from here we know nothing except maybe sice he's been here.
he also wont say anything sbout those tapes like whats he done with them? "Note taking purposes" is b.s. and anyone who believes it is stupid enough to vote for him.

GI Joe God Bless America said...

Anon : 7:48

well that was enlightening!

You go ahead and vote for who ever you like. I won't even call you stupid, like you felt compelled to call others.

I bet your English Teacher is turning over in her grave! You must be related to "questioning"-Pol-Anon-Anon or Anon, or Anonymous.

GI Joe said...

I saw a remark made about the FCC yesterday, but never any reply to at least two inquiries.

Would anyone care to explain?

Anonymous said...

do you care if Tucker filed or just Smith?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There ought to be a law you can't be mayor that if you aren't smart enough to handle your own finances and say out of bankruptcy you can't handle the cities millions of dollars!

Anonymous said...

Here is my problem with Jack, he is a freshman council member with little political experience. After two years he feels he is able to run the city? Tucker served on the council as alderman then council president then mayor. You should take babysteps to learn everything, if he was seroius about the position he would try for council president then mayor. There is lots to learn not just here but in Albany as well he needs time to learn the ropes.

John Adams said...

Some people don't need to take baby steps. Just the ones who think like babies. Baby steps didn't help Mike Tucker. He's still mediocre at best, has a lot of baggage including financial problems in his past, and has several serious and legal issues plaguing his administration.

So in your world Richel Pasceri is the next logical choice for the Mayor of Lockport?

Anonymous said...

What we need is a real manager in charge around here. What would it take to change the city charter and instead of paying one of these two bankrupt losers $45,000 a year appoint a real city manager with a figurehead mayor.
We don't need anyone who can't handle their own money in charge or a former union leader who now doesn't respect any union employees and keeps getting sued or an unethical guy as the executive in charge of the city.

pol said...

a big thanks to joe for bringing me into a conversation that i was not having with him. i have not been around here for the most part because of the circular arguments and personal assassinations that are common place.

no matter how much anyone stumps for (or, more likely against) any candidate, it's not going to get your guy votes, or at least i sincerely hope not. "Hey, internet tough guy #189 posted a rumor and half truths, now that's the sort of opinion I value!". you might as well vote based on how many yard signs you see.
To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

you would think he was talking about 90% of the internet

GI Joe said...

Believe it or not I totally agree ( not that you care)with the first part of your statement.

Including a number of posters names is a method used by one the "notorious". It wasn't intended to draw you in it was a jab at him/whomever.

Patti said...

Now THAT's Hamlet!!

John Adams said...

Anon 9:25

" why do you search for the living among the dead"

Searching for the perfect mayoral candidate with zero baggage is not possible here.

With all of the shortcomings being mentioned by so many people about the candidates, it makes sense to look at who has the skill needed to lead. But most important to surround him/herself with other talented people.

I don't see many of "those talented people" in the current administration. Re-treads, yes men, relatives, hangers on, political cronies, dot the landscape of Mayor Tuckers clan. That is precisely why we need term limits. Pasceri and Alexnader were brought in by Maziars. The lady running the Parks is Tuckers cousin, White is Maziars brother-in-law, and of course the Mayors son was able to land a gig. Must be nice to be connected. I'm jealous that I can't get my hand in the public money bag.

So if you're looking for the best candidate look at their talent for bring people together.

That is the key to the future success of the City.

MJ said...

1) Almost every successful business man has had failures in their past. It's called learning. Maybe if they stole a lot of money in the process but other wise it's not much of a story unless there in an inordinately large string of them.

2) We would need to change our charter if we wanted a strong council/city manager government set up.

3) Mayor makes more than 45k.

4) With the "issues" that most of you wish to harp (vote?) on, it's no wonder you are unsatisfied with who is in office.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know Smith never filed a bankruptcy. Irregardless of what was said, it's fiction. Look it up or call him up!

Anonymous said...

It's all fiction

GI Joe said...

Look Mom! I can cut & paste Shakespeare!

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in it."

MJ said...

Well said Anon 8:44.

Anonymous said...

I guess the fundamental question is why is the answer always "call him"? Why can't he publicize a summary of his past business adventures? Everyone knows Tucker's past, very few know Smith's.
Even if there isn't anything bad by not letting us know who the heck he is it makes it seem like he is hiding something, and with his past 'trust' issues (secret tapes and not abstaining from the HV vote) he needs to be open.

GI Joe Fed up will this Carp said...

That's a good question but if he's suspect in your mind...


But this constant public lynching of people whether it's Tucker, Smith, Patti or whom ever by the likes of you and a few others is obscene.!

There's no other word to describe it.

What's your purpose? To save us all of us from Jack Smith?

I would think if you put your real name on your remarks you wouldn't be so bold. In essence you're a coward committing cowardly act.

So suck on that for awhile.

MJ said...

cleaned up.

If only one person would call Mr Smith and then post on what they found out, think of how quickly this would all end?

Rest assured he does not run a porn store or operate a concert promotion company. ;)

MJ said...

Cleaned up again. A portion of it belonging in the commenting post. The rest not belonging here at all.

Patti said...

"Irregardless" is not a word. Yet I'm supposed to take your word for it that he did not file Bankruptcy?
I find no legal evidence that he, personally, ever filed Bankruptcy. Neither has Luisa - personally. There are a plethora of Bankruptcy filings set aside for businesses. I haven't been back to Buffalo lately to check on the businesses he's had and, at this point, I don't plan to.
When I provide the truth and am called all manner of names and, basically, I'M dragged through the mud because you know who I am and make things up about me - WHY BOTHER???

Luisa told me "they" filed for Bankruptcy. What she meant by "they" I didn't ask - guess I should have. I would think "hearing it from the horses' mouth" would be good enough. Guess not.

I'm sick to death of trying to enlighten people about the one guy in the race we don't know only to be disparaged, and WORSE, by people who want their paragraphs of fame.

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