Walk Score - Lockport

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Came across on interesting site today: Walk Score.
Typed in 5 Main St Lockport NY as a test and was surprised with the score of 97/100 points. (the location of my house drops to an 88/100).
Walk Score helps people find walkable places to live. Walk Score calculates the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc. Walk Score measures how easy it is to live a car-lite lifestyle—not how pretty the area is for walking.
The site goes in to the limitations of their algorithm (street width/length, crime, bodies of water, etc) but is an interesting measure nonetheless. I feel it goes to show that the area immediate of DT has the infrastructure and amenities to lay the foundation for better things ahead. Figuring a way to get more bodies (and income) to live in this immediate area would only go to fuel more amenities. Market the area to those who desire to have the option of walking.

It does list the amenities that are used in the calculation to the right and maps them. It makes for a nice city directory overview. Places can be added or removed to update the results.

The city's strength is in it's walkability. It is the trait that must be reinforced to fuel future reinvestment and growth. Cars need to be accounted for but should not have a higher priority than us, the users. One can go spend a nice afternoon at Shimer and Transit for that experience.


Wintergarden Lockport

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NF Winter garden superimposed over current parking ramp/park location on Main St.

The old Wintergarden is being dismantled with an initial goal of allowing reuse elsewhere.

Buffalo News Article

What about a Wintergarden Lockport? Keep this pseudo-historic structure in Niagara County. Tie it into the parking ramp project and create a year round park with views of the canal lower locks below. Fill in one of the missing teeth on Main St? Use green geo-thermal etc to get state grants? Perhaps a preservation grant?
Does the H.S have a horticulture program. NCCC? Maybe they could take part in this type of structure. Maybe even have a location in it for a small tree farm to re-tree our streets? Get residents vested in it.
Any other ideas?

Just thinking.....


Chet's Festival Fundraiser: 7-25

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LUSJ has an article about the fundraising activities for Chet Secrist, owner of Chet’s Dog House on Main Street. It was heartening to hear of the initial vision for a fundraiser but it is amazing to see how big of an event is planned. Goes to show the value of an active community to help out in a time of need.
Located a short walk from me, I am sad to say that I have yet to stop in, usually due to the hours of operation not matching up to my hours of hunger. I pray for his recovery and the resulting chance to stop in for a celebration dog.
Activities form the article:
Confirmed aspects include:
• A 5K Dog Race and 1-mile Dog Walk. The route is still being worked out,
according to Martin.
• Live music from the city stage in front of City Hall, from roughly 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Lockport Federation of Musicians will kick off the festival with the National Anthem, sung by Buffalo Sabres’ anthem singer Doug Allen, and a 90-minute concert, then yield the stage to roughly 10 local rock bands.
• A “dog biscuit” eating contest featuring a favored Chet’s menu item, the bacon/sausage-and-egg on English muffin sandwich. This one’s set for noon in
front of the Dog House.
• A kids’ carnival at Ida Fritz Park with a bounce house, pony rides, a dunk tank, a duck pond, water and sack races, face painting, balloons, magicians, a clown, a storyteller and live kids music.
Lotsa food — The day will kick off with the race/walk and a pancake breakfast served inside and outside the Dog House. Lockport-based Lake Effect Ice Cream is creating a special “Chet’s” ice cream for the event; and food booths will be set up by a variety of restaurants. Commitments already have been made by Papa Leo’s, Danny Sheehan’s, the Fieldstone, Pour Boyz and One Eyed Jack’s. Beer, soda and water will be sold.
• Raffles and commemorative product sales.