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Posted by Black Phillip

And it's short.

If someone is standing on the side of the road, talking rather loudly into my car telling me I will suffer for an eternity if I don't believe in the same thing as he does, is that a hate crime, or at the very least criminal harassment?



Anonymous said...

Were they out in front of Tops again?

No better way to spread the message of God's love than by spewing messages of hate ;) Maybe Smart Growth should hire them for some Anti-Wal-Mart protests?

Rocketboy said...

They are back at Tops again, but they are getting REALLY aggressive downtown on concert nights. I think if I would have closed my car window I would have bumped into him.

And darn it, I didn't have any Slayer CD's handy. No GWAR either. :)

Anonymous said...

Reverand Drew does a weekly "Theological Thursday" over at Buffalo Rising.

A couple weeks ago he did a post about these types of groups and their actions at Thursday in the Square in Buffalo.

The comments are an interesting read.


"...It's unfortunate that some just don't get it. Their presentation is awful. It's like going to restaurant with really great food. Only when you sit down the waiter comes over, grabs your hair, pulls your head back and stuffs it down your throat. No matter how wonderful the food, no one wants to be served like that. " ;)

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