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Image: Clinton Building at Main and Cottage - Jun '09

On one of our walks I noticed quite a few new signs around the downtown area. The Clinton building is a nice example of old and new. The learning Edge and John Sansone Law Office both have new signs based off of one of the iterations of the new DT sign law. Both look nice though the size/form of the law office one doesn't really compliment the shape of the area where it is mounted. Nothing majorly wrong, just a small point to note.

Tom's existing sign, while gimmicky (juke box) and not "historically colored", is nicely sized, painted and mounted perpendicular to the building (my preference for urban signage). I think it works well.

Scrito's current sign is a byproduct of 1950's signage based off of cars zipping by non-descript buildings at 50 mph instead of the current 25 mph posted on Main St. It overbears the building and takes away from it along with looking cheap. I think 9 years are left to replace it under the current law ;)

I felt the current sign law was a little restrictive in laying out colors, limiting logo's etc. I feel the key to a tasteful sign is the quality of construction and the sign's scale to the building frontage. Signs like Tom's and Chet's are not very historic and maybe would not even pass under the current law but still look great. Creativity and branding should not be stifled for the business owners. 20' golden arches should be a no-no where as 3' ones on a sign should be OK. The Elmwood Village Guidelines in Buffalo lay this out very well. Perhaps I'll get around to posting something on them.

I'm curious to see what the Aaron's signage will look like at Walnut and S. Transit.


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