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When the Union Sun & Journal forms closed, I decided to take up MJ's open offer when he started this blog, that he was always open for more posters.  So, here I am.

So let me give you a quick introduction.  I've lived in Lockport all my life (some 30+ years), and within the past few years, I've been lucky enough to work in Lockport as well.  I have also lived in a few different sections of the city.  I grew up during the days of a vibrant active Lockport Mall, and an empty field where WalMart is now. There have been a LOT of changes to Lockport throughout my life.  Sadly, most of them have been in rather recent history.  Sadly, because it took a long time for someone to try to bring Lockport out from under the rock that we had hidden ourselves in.  So it's been rather exciting times for a lifer like myself.

As a matter of fact, what caused me to finally register to the US&J forum was so I could be one of the few supporters (at least on that forum) of the Flight of Five project.  Having lived along the canal in the 'touristy' section of town, it's amazing to see how many people come to visit the canal, and any money spent to encourage people to come, and anything we can do to make sure they spend more time, is money well spent.

Enough with my babbling, thanks for putting up with me, and thanks to MJ for getting this all started.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for contributing Erik.

For the record, I'm a huge proponent of the Flight of Five Restoration. It is eye-opening to see the out of state plates along the Pine St bridge on a given day. Fully functioning historic locks right next to modern ones would be a great draw. The city just needs to make sure they lay the ground work for more to do/spend money at around the locks.

I wish I had more pictures from when I first moved here about 6 years ago. No UCC, No Main st redo, Canal St buildings were still boarded up, No Niagara Produce, etc. Things are on the up.

Patricia said...

Ok..im here now. At the other forums i was LockportGal.

Im 48 years old..married...two children. Ive lived in Lockport all my life. I hope I am welcome here.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Patricia. Thanks for visiting and getting a log in. Hopefully we can have something nice and useful here.

As per Erik's Flight of Five Comment: Passing the Pine street bridge today there were 6 vehicles on it. 3 New York plates, 1 New Hampshire, 1 Illinois and 1 Missouri

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