Happy 4th! Where's the Music?

Posted by Anonymous

Image - Fireworks at Outwater Park - Lockport NY Jul '09

I hope everyone is having a great Independence Day weekend.

After much debate we chose to go to the city's firework show. (We debated Amherst/Royalton Revene for various reasons.) It's a nice show though this year the music was missing. I recall last year a band being there in the city "stage" trailer. Like a movie, one does not notice the absence of a background score until you watch something without it. It really adds to the experience.

I hope it returns for next year.

(Above image is from my first attempts at firework photography last night. I wish I had brought a different lens ;. This is one of my favs.)


Rocketboy said...

I was totally fine with the music missing, as it never seemed to match anyways. To me, the music of the fireworks is the best music.

That, and this was the best fireworks in the city in years. As much as I love WLVL, this year totally blew the WLVL sponsored fireworks away.

jaws said...

Saw Olcott & Royalton this year. Royaltons show was pretty amazing! Started going there instead of Lkpt 4 yrs ago. So much more to do in Royalton...bands, games, food, etc. BTW the Lockport stage trailer was in Royalton MJ!

Anonymous said...

Funny that the trailer was there. Maybe the rental paid for a small portion of our show. ;)

We were really only interested in the fireworks themselves which is why we decided against Royalton. The move inclusive event seemed to equal busier to me and I did not want to find my way around just before the show. Though we heard great things about both Olcott and Royalton.

Rocketboy said...

We had a very all inclusive event the first year the radio station sponsored it, but after that first year, it was rapidly dropped. Last year it was so bad that they interrupted one of the many sports shows on that station just minutes before the start of the fireworks to start the music. The first year there were events at the park, and WLVL played "patriotic" music all day long. I'm really not sure what happened there, but like I said, after seeing what seemed to be the same short, non-synchronized fireworks show, it was nice to see this year's show.

Patricia said...

I havent been to the Lockport fireworks in YEARS. I just never want to deal with the hassle of all the traffic. We usually go to Olcott, but missed this year. With that show..we have our usual escape plan. Hubby parks near the end of the bridge, we run for car and boogie on out of there fairly quickly.

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