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I'm note sure how long this sign has been up or if the LUSJ had anything in print
but it looks like the old Metropolitan is finally finding a new use after almost a year.
Mmmmmm...curry :)

UPDATE 7/29/08

LUSJ has posted an article on the new business and it's Owner. Mr. Singh has also purchased the Quiznos that was for sale in the Home Depot Plaza and is planning on reopening the Gas station at Walnut and Washburn. I've never associated the words "Indian" and "Grill".

As for the food:

“Once you try it, you’ll know what ‘Indian’ is. And you’ll be back,” Singh promised....Indian Grill will serve Indian-American “fusion” dishes in a casual atmosphere at affordable prices, he said; “casual” and “affordable” are qualities that his Quiznos customers have told him they desire....“It’s Indian food made to the taste of Americans; it’s not bland, but it’s not too spicy. ... And, believe me, it’ll be heaven for vegetarians,” he said.

and please, please try to find a way to use the Main St entance. ;)

Down the road the Wilson Farms at N. Transit and West (along with the one up the road) are getting a mini make over.
There is a "coming soon" sign for Niagara's First Impressions in front of the MTC building at W. Main and S. Transit
Work is also still progressing at Aaron's at Walnut and S. Transit. Still no hint of signage. Speaking of which a new and improved Sign Ordinance was submitted to the legislature for review. It has been whittled down to 21 pages from 35. I look forward to seeing it applied or the lack thereof, especially at Aaron's.


LockportGal said...

I was wondering if anyone had a story on the new Cold Stone Creamery that seems to have been added to the Town's Tim Hortons overnight?

Anonymous said...

We too noticed the signage for the Cold Stone Creamery while driving past on Saturday. I was cuirous how they would fit it in there and so quickly. Unless the signage is up first. They have recently redone the inside and there wasno indication of prep for additional use.

Rocketboy said...

I spotted the Cold Stone over the weekend myself. Not that I go out that way often, but my wife, who does, didn't notice until the weekend either. Me, I'd like to see one as a stand-alone, along Canal Street. You want foot traffic? Get an ice cream stand. :)

Also, I'm suddenly less intrested in the Indian Grill:
"Indian food is created from a wide variety of herbs, spices, vegetables, basmati rice and healthier meats such as chicken, goat and seafood. Indian Grill will feature it all, Singh said. “Fusion” simply means less heavy on the spices, in consideration of Yankee palates.

“It’s Indian food made to the taste of Americans; it’s not bland, but it’s not too spicy. ... And, believe me, it’ll be heaven for vegetarians,” he said."


I'll still try it out, but if I'm eating ethnic food, I'm not looking for a watered-down version of it. Doubly so when it's spicy.

Anonymous said...

That's why I like most Thai restuarants. You get to pick how spicey you want it on a 1->5 scale. A perfect system if one were to ask me.

I'll update the article for the LUSJ write-up. It also reveals that he is responsible for the work over at the old gas station at Walnut and Washburn.

Rocketboy said...

Usually, they can't make it spicy enough for me. Except when I was last in DC (and if you like Thai food, I HIGHLY suggest going to DC), my wife and I ate at a restaurant nearby our hotel, ThaiTanic. Beside that was darn good, hoo boy, the Drunken Noodles were off the charts hot. Just the way I like it. :)

But if the new place has good curry, I'll be a happy man.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Most times even the level "5" at places is not hot enough. I'm not sure why places are scared to go all out. If a customer is foolish enough to order an inedile dish...so be it. They will learn for the next visit.

I wish the LUSJ would have went into how this gent from NYC found his way to Lockport.

"...and a business plan that didn’t anticipate any start-up financial assistance..." Seeing that this space is already furnished to the tune of ~$320k from the GLDC, I would hope he was not looking for financial assistance. ;)

Rocketboy said...

Wilson Farms is looking pretty nice. Also, there were coupons for the Indian Grill in the Lockport Book-o-Coupons. According to the advert in it, they will be opening this month, and will also have a weekday lunch buffet. Nice.

(But please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm no where near the flyer/booklet)

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