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Posted by MJ

Image - Original Blog Layout
I updated the blog layout today to something completely different. There are still a few broken links etc. to fish out amongst some other tweaks I will tend to shortly.
I started off with a free template and then went from there. Learn HTML on your own from home. I was better at it about 10 years ago but have not touched the language much since then. Luckily the internet is there to answer all questions.
Some things to note:

  1. The archive of blog posts is at the bottom of the page.

  2. The number of blog posts per page have been reduced to 5 from 10.

  3. Tabs at the top now go directly to Recent Comments and Recent Posts.

  4. There are now "Top" buttons along the way to get back more easily.
Feel free to comment on readability, features, access, etc.


jaws said...

Looks good MJ my only "complaint" is that I couldn't find any way to "sign-in" through the blog. Had to go back to google & sign in. I believe there used to be a sign in at the top of page on old layout.

MJ said...

I hid the NAV bar because it was ugly, was wider than my page and I never really used it. I figured people just signed in during the comment phase. I'll spend some time figuring out how to limit its size.

Thank you for the feedback

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