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Image - Backyard Sundial - Lockport in Bloom Garden Walk - Jul '09

We finally made it out for the Lockport in Bloom garden walk this past Sunday. I was hoping to get out on Saturday so I could post for Sunday but the weather was not cooperative. We focused on the larger houses on High, Willow, and Locust since we have always been curious about these properties during our walks.

I've been a big fan and repeat visitor of Garden Walk Buffalo (last weekend of July). The primary allure was the the seeds of renewal that the event has helped sow in the area west of Richmond Ave. It has pushed redevelopment and investment past the old invisible wall of Richmond and into the "no hope" west side. In 25 years the tour has gone from 25 properties to over 300. The gardens take years to grow and shape and can not be picked up and moved. Beyond beauty they show commitment of the home owner to the neighborhood at large. Visiting every year shows it is contagious and inertial. If anyone has yet to go, I highly suggest it. I recommend starting at Little Sumner.

The most surprising thing I learned was how magical a place a small urban backyard can be. Lush plantings surround a person on all sides giving the safe cozy feeling of youthful forts made out of blankets. A person is more likely to think they are in a small nook in the woods that in a dens eurban neighborhood. The lots were surprisingly deep on the houses we chose in Lockport and while the landscaping and gardens were beautiful all of that extra space seemed to take away some of the above characteristics.

I have high hopes for our small yard in the years the come. Maybe some day a few years from now you'll see us part of the garden walk. ;) As for Lockport in Bloom, I hope it breeds as much success here as Garden Walk Buffalo has 30 minutes south.

I'll tack some Lockport garden photos onto this post as I work on them.


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