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Image: AltroPark - Free Outdoor Movie Series - Jul '09

Yesterday LUSJ listed the free movie schedule for Altro Park. We have been looking forward to checking it out as it is one of the many things we can do within walking distance of our house and part of what makes living here as nice as it is.
The 2-story screen is much larger than I expected and the sound was easy to hear. The only issue was a tempermental DVD player that would skip once in a while.
The schedule is as follows, all shows starting at dusk.
• July 8: "Hotel for Dogs"
• July 15: “Twilight.”
• July 22: “Madagascar 2.”
• July 29: “Goonies.” - ***rained out***
Aug. 5: “Coraline.”
Aug. 12: “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.”
• Aug. 19: Rain date (so I've been told)
I'll also give the listed sponsers a shout, who along with the volunteers make great events like this happen in the city.
Movie showings are paid for by sponsors including Reality Check, Dr. Louis Surace, Eaton Medicine and Accurate Computer Service Inc.
Unlike the concert series, there is no beer, no massive crowd and lots of space for blankets, chairs and playing in the park. I'm looking forward to "Goonies", a childhood favorite.

UPDATE (07/15/09)
Interactive Google Map of Altro Park

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Rocketboy said...

I question showing a PG13 movie in a venue like this, but if the intent is to make sure that they will have someone showing up, Twilight will definitively work.

(Well at least for the tween girls out there)

LockportGal said...

I saw Twilight..nothing bad in it at all except one scary scene...where the 'evil vampire' goes after the heroine and the 'good vampire' has to fight him to the death.

Rocketboy said...

Trust me, I'm no authority of the Twilight series, I was just going by the ratings.

Eric Robert Jackson said...

MJ... not to sound like a complete idiot here but... I've lived in Lockport my whole life 39 years and I have NO idea where Altro Park is. I'd love to go see a movie but where is it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric.

Maybe it was called something else in the past?

But it is the park on Willow between S. Transit and Cottage. ("behind" the Monroe Muffler)

Rocketboy said...

Don't worry Eric, my wife had the same question. :)

Anonymous said...

it is behind cole muffler not monroe.

LockportGal said...

Did anyone go last nite?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes....I noted it was Cole Muffler on the way home but I was too lazy to log back in and correct myself. ;)

Last night the house work went longer than expected so we missed out after hitting the first one. The next two hold interest for us though it's also nice to sit out under the stars watching a movie no matter what it may be...

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, it was known as, wait for it, , Willow Park.

I spent a lot of time there in the winter because it was the closet park between there and Outwater to my home with an ice rink. It was at least a twenty minute walk although sometimes it seemed longer than that especially after a night of skating. Those were the days that a fourteen year old kid could be out at night without being concerned that you would get attacked by a thug.

Anonymous said...

i went last night, it was much better than the first movie they showed(no skipping or freezing)beautiful night for it also.

Anonymous said...

We made it out to Madagascar 2 last night. Once again no "hickups" and a good turnout even though rain threatened. Except for a couple drops the night was rain free. Bring on "Goonies"!

Anonymous said...

Goonies was rained out last week. Hopefully it will be back for the rain date.

This weeks movie "Coraline" http://coraline.com/ looks very interesting. Stop animation from those that brought us "Nightmare Before Christmas".

LockportGal said...

Animation has come a long way. We just saw UP at the Palace. Walt Disney would be PROUD.

Anonymous said...

This past Wednesday Goonies was shown on the rain date, much to my happiness. "Thank you"s go out to Melissa Junke and all the others at the youth department. I look forward to next summer.

Walter Tully said...

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Rocketboy said...

Wow... I've never seen a park spam a website before... must be a first.

I never saw a Jumbo Tron before either, much less a standard sized Tron.

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