Private Garbage in August?

Posted by MJ

The Bufalo News reported last week that the change over to provate garbage collection is now delayed until mid-August.

The start of privatized garbage pickup and curbside recycling in the city has been pushed back to mid-August, Mayor Michael W. Tucker said at Wednesday’s Common Council meeting.
Bids from garbage haulers for the service are due Friday, but Corporation Counsel John J. Ottaviano said the bids will be secret until the Council awards a contract.
The bidding is being conducted under an alternative procedure sanctioned by Section 120-w of the state’s General Municipal Law.
That process envisions negotiations with bidders before and after the offers are submitted, rather than the normal sealed-bid process where the low bidder gets the job unless the municipality can prove a problem with its bid.
The bid opening has been delayed at least twice as the three prospective bidders — Modern Disposal, Waste Management and Allied Waste Services — have volleyed questions and issues back and forth with the city....
 If you have not started yet, now is the best time to get rid of all of the crap you have sitting around and in your property. Don't wait until its too late.

I'm hoping the garbage is sent out with the water 4x anually.


Anonymous said...

can't beleive no comments

Moe said...

how much more is this actually going to cost the average property owner?

Anonymous said...

the other question is what is it going to save the city? The garbage workers can't be laid off due to their contract, billing is going to have to be done and there are going to be a lot of random garbage bags showing up that someone is going to have to pick up.
Sure in the summer the garbage workers can probably help on streets and in parks but 1) they will still be getting paid and 2) what will they do all winter when there isn't a snow storm?

MJ said...

we'll find out in a few weeks...

G.I.Joe said...

I'm all for recycling, but this sounds like a bad idea made worse by an out of control city management team. Do we get anything right?

G.I. Joe said...

I noticed we have "band-aids" over our potholes again. Are you kidding me?

If at first the band-aids don't succeed....... try, and try, and try again. How much is this temporary fix costing me? What are they thinking about over there at City Hall??

Answer: Nutt'n Honey...

Anonymous said...

because gov't always does things 4 chpr than pvt ind right joe?

G.I.Joe said...

You're close Dude.......... but please think of a nick-name..May I suggest one..."Dizzy". Anonymous just doesn't fit you.

Government CAN do things cheaper however it depends on who is running the government...It's hard to keep costs down if you're determined to move tax payer money into non-productive areas..Am I going to fast for ya??? Are you asking me if I could run an efficient local government that would be cheaper than having the private sector run it?..I'd say yes..I know several people that are capable of doing just that. To do it you have to free yourself of all the deals, and favors,and the other baggage an administration collects the longer they remain in power.I've never come across any program if managed properly that couldn't be cost effective.

Anonymous said...

hahah to fast for me... you are 1000 years too young to go to fast for me

a pvt company can go under, and its workers can be fired. it's also subject to market forces

a the 'head' of the gov't just needs to scare people into voting for them, and buys off the public with their own money. the workers can never be fired without risk of lawsuit. don't have enuff money, just borrow and print more lol

who has incentive? not gov't bucko

who watches the watchmen?

Anonymous said...

wow anom 8:59 and 10:06 -
do you know this isn't a tweet or phone chat - you can actually spell out words in full - you don't have to abbreviate or use code words -

especially that 10:06 post -

Anonymous said...

just like using sentences and caps?

pot calling kettle blk much? lol

must b that lhs education doin me so well! lol

Moe said...

The Whole "let market forces decide" has no basis in reality. Market forces are manipulated too.

The bottom line is who the hell wants to pay more for less service regardless of who's providing that service? Doesn't seem very transparent to me. I'd also like to know if the winning bidder has contributed to a political party...any party, once the contract is awarded.

Patti said...

I'm for the 4x/year with the water bill, although I hate the water bill coming at all. Why do we pay so much? I've been given the explanation, thank you Mr. Schrader, & have no reason to not believe it. We're still paying too much and that's probably the first major infrastructure to go. I also agree that people will be dumping their "garbage" on every lot in the City.
I'm all for recycling but VERY interesting procedure in receiving the bids. I've never heard of it before and a municipality can't do things that way and we already know who will get the contract. Whoever gave the City the go ahead for this should be taken back to Municipal Law 101.

Patti said...

In another thread, someone was kind enough to give us an update on the Garbage garbage. Thank you.
Now I know I have to get a lot of "big stuff" out to the curb before August 1st.
Whoever got (gets) the contract - I have never had better "garbage service" in my life. These guys are fantastic and I'll be sorry to see them go. No matter what I put out - they took it. I'm very grateful for that. At least, I hear, the men will be working in other departments.

They'll be a tough act to follow.

It still would be great if we got the particulars from the City. Perhaps that has already been done when I was unavailable over the last couple of weeks.

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