Garbage Update

Posted by MJ

The Buffalo News reported that the garbage bids are to opened on May 20th.

The final Request for Proposal is at eLockport as are the original documents and addendums that were driven by feedback from the potential sevice providers.


Anonymous said...

Do the taxpayers have a say. O i forgot only Tucker has a say. What about the homeowners who wanna keep a nice place one can a week is normally ok but what about those weeks where i have extra... O ill hafta pay more while the business district gets picked up 7 days a week for pennies on the dollar. Had enough good riddance Mike

Anonymous said...

I'll bet somehow it just works out that one Mayor Mike's donors gets the contract. I will also bet that the cost will skyrocket right after the election. Anyone wanna bet?

Patti Starr said...

If I'm supposed to absorb yet another increase in the cost of living in this City - how about the businesses and not-for-profits? I'm all in favor of recycling and will buy a stupid tote - but if those guys aren't paying their fair share I'll scream bloody murder.
Last I knew they were getting 5 pick-ups per week and not paying a nickel for it. What's the current status? Jeff?
Also consider the formerly nice homes that have been chopped into 5-6 apartments who don't take care of their garbage now? What happened to the City following up with the guy who took the pictures? It must be mandated that these slumlords purchase a large tote per apartment and then have city follow-up.
Again - has the City followed up on the idea of out-of-town landlords designating a person for service of process?
If everyone simply cared about what their home and their neighborhood looked like we wouldn't have to deal with these issues - but a large portion don't give a shil.
I'm sick of cleaning up other peoples' shil.

Patti Starr said...

Please also understand that this issue has been worked on for several years by several well meaning people.
I'm sick of everyone blaming Mike Tucker for everything. If it wasn't being dealt with you'd be blaming him for THAT!

LoneWolf said...

To Patti~

I saw my name mentioned so I thought it would "chime in" in here ...

As far as I know as far as businesses getting garbage pick up .. it is 5 (maybe 6) days a week .. for pick up..

In regard to recycling .. as far as I can see .. at this point.. everything can be thrown out at the same time . If something seems to change and i get a chance to get to City Hall and talk with Mr Tucker.. ( which will prolly be today or tomorrow) Ill let you guys know ..


Patti said...

Thanks Jeff. I have a small idea of how hard you've worked on this issue and, initially, I was against it based solely on cost to ME! That was stupid and very shortsighted.
If the businesses are allowed to keep their beneficial pick-ups while we have to spend money to do the right thing - that will be a problem. As will the slumlords and the ignorant people who think the street is their private garbage can.
I think it's simply that I don't understand people who choose to live in filth whether they own the building or not.
Long ago, the head of my Department at The Perm, in speaking of another person who was rather sloppy about his appearance, said to me "soap and shoe polish are cheap." I've never forgotten that comment and it still applies today.
Thanks for your help!

MJ said...

Last I knew businesses were going to have to secure there own trash pickup services, obtain dumpters etc. If small enough they may even be able to just do a tote or two like a residence. The planning board just pre-approved some dumpster screening in anticipation of a bunch of new ones being needed after the transition.

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Dave Taylor, co-founder of the canal series, and the person responsible for booking the acts. Friday, he will be confirming Weird Al Yankovic booking. I'm not sure if I agree with this decision. However, Mayor Tucker has stressed to him the need for more family friendly acts and that "Weird Al's" live performances have to be seen to be believed.

G.I Joe said...

Wow great!

Except you're posting on the wrong page...

Weird Al is bad...but should he be under Garbage Update?

Patti said...

Thank you, MJ. Do you know if the every day pick-up issue was also addressed?
I'm very glad you're on the Planning Board. You - and NO I do not know you personally or am related to you - spend your personal time keeping us informed.
You're helping Joe Citizen and the City a lot of time and aggravation.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Date Performer
June 24 Steven Page
July 1 Dennis DeYoung
July 8 Burton Cummings
July 15 John Butler Trio with the Ragbirds and One World Tribe
July 22 The Tea Party with the Pretty Reckless
July 29 Puddle of Mudd with Rev Theory
Aug. 5 The B-52s
Aug. 12 Queensryche
Aug. 19 Grand Funk Railroad

Anonymous said...

Burton Cummings of the Guess Who. This may very well be the show of the summer in Western New York.

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