Lockport Cave Open for Tours

Posted by LoneWolf

Hello all ~

Well its that time of year again ...

The Lockport Cave is Open for tours.. 

The Schedule  is attached below....

Taken from  Lockport Cave website.

Come out and join us  for some good Lockport History.

Ticket office is located ( for this year) at Old City Hall. 2 Pine Street  just before the locks .  Our tour  lats  1 hour and 10 minutes.. and our tour route HAS been changed back from last year .. .we can now walk along the towpath past the new and old locks  in downtown Lockport .

We had our first OFFICIAL day of public tours on Saturday and we did tours  every hour, from 12 noon till 4 pm. we had about  200 people  come through on Saturday.

So if anyone gets the chance  and wants to hear some good ol' Lockport History  .. come on down  :) We would be happy to have you join us.


Patti said...

GREAT!! Thanks again!
It amazes me that men with picks actually accomplished that. It's fascinating - the history is a bonus.

Anonymous said...

How come they're not moving into the new location this year, anybody know?

Patti said...

The building is basically a shell which needs to be built out. By the owner. Trek has some sort of arrangement where it will be receiving governmental assistance to make their area habitable. I have no details on either.

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