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Posted by MJ

A lot of conversation happens over zoning requirements, zoning variances, planning board decisions etc. The conversations are usually full of misunderstandings. A lot of it stems from zoning codes that are number based, confusing and based solely off of what some other place did "just because". Even when followed, they do not result in a project we are happy with a majority of the time.

Recently I came across the Urban Design Manual for Collingwood Ontario. A great example of a document that clearly states what the community requires for developments and explains them in words and pictures. Residents can easily understand (and approve) what has been laid out and developers can more easily design to requirements the first time.

Here a couple example slides:
It is a good size document but even skipping to several random pages gives a good feel for it.

Hopefully the new planning position will result in some much needed changes to an outdated half century old code that makes most of the city "illegal" through suburban standards and does more long term damage than good; not to mention the frustration of people appearing before zoning, planning, etc.


Chuck said...

This is a fantastic document. I especially like the emphasis on site character and context. Great find - thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I agree - this is a heck of alot better than the HV plan.
They have something really similar to this in the falls. It was an old school now it's a senior center and apartments.

MJ said...

Not sure what you mean as this is an overall city planning document.

G.I.Joe said...

"I'm all for it as long as it's not HV."

good, sound strategy...........not

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