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LUSJ reported last week that there is a group pushing for a Wegman's in Lockport.

...A group of Lockport residents are banding together to entice the well known supermarket chain to Eastern Niagara County. Charlene Bower, chairperson of the We Want Wegmans group, announced Wednesday the campaign had taken its cause online.

Those who support the idea of bringing Wegmans to Lockport can check out the website, www.wewantwegmans.com or find the group’s page on Facebook. While online, people can print out petitions and send them by mail to We Want Wegmans, P.O. Box 256, Lockport, NY, 14095...

I was surprised to see the claimed statistics for the Lockport area:
In a statement, Bower said Wegmans usually considers locations with a population of about 100,000 within a 5 mile radius and an average household income of roughly $75,000. In comparison, Bower said Lockport’s market area has about 127,500 residents in a 10 mile radius with an average household income of $78,700
While that would save me the drive to Amherst every week, Wegman's have said in the past that they are done expanding in WNY. The return on investment is much greater down in Virginia that it would be around here. But while we are dreaming, place them in my mixed use development mentioned here.


Anonymous said...

The real truth is that after the hell the Niagara County Unions put them through when the built the Military Road store they said they would never locate another store here. As usual, Niagara County's lost is Virginia's gain.

MJ said...

I'm not one for heresay but it is interesting that you mention that. A couple weeks ago someone was speaking of the same thing about that Wegman's. Also placed that issue as the reason there is a big lack of "chain" restuarants etc in the NF area in gernal. Part of the conversation tied into the resistance to larger companies bringing their own trades in to do the work that was mentioned in the Mall Demo post.

It really does damage to our sales tax base when we are driven to take our shopping/eating/etc desires to Erie County.

Xavier said...

I agree with both of you. It's a shame that the unions still have such a stranglehold on Niagara County.
I will continue to drive into Erie County to shop at Wegman's. Yes, this gives Erie my business and sales tax, though food is usually tax free (for now).
I find that Wegman's is well worth the drive when compared to our local Tops Market. The prices at Tops are much higher than those at Wegman's, and getting a bit of money back for gas is not enough to encourage me to shop at Tops. Most of my friends go to Wegman's also.
I've even found that the Niagara Produce has lower prices, i.e. a gallon of Cider is $2.00 less expensive than the same item at Tops. Cheese and cold cuts too.

Anonymous said...

I am another person that my wife and I drive to Erie county to go to Wegmans. We use Tops alot because it is the only choice for most of our shopping needs that is local. Tops takes advantage of the monopoly as you can see in the prices of certain items.

Rocketboy said...

Humm.. looks like the Niagara Times blog agrees with the first anon...


Me, if they don't want to move near me, i don't want to shop there. Regardless, I've always hated the brand selections at Wegmans. It always seems to me that I either buy the store brand, or their rather small selection of national brands.

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