Lockport Exchange Club Circus

Posted by LoneWolf

Greetings all~

Many of you that are long time Lockportians are aware of the end of February performance of the Lockport Exchange Club Circus.. or more locally known as "The Greatest Little Show on Earth".

This event will take place at the Keenan Center Arena on Locust Street.

This will also be the 51st year of the Circus Taking place in Lockport. Originally it took place at the Amory on Willow Street..

Dates and times (according to the Keenan Center website): Friday Feb 25th at 7pm and Saturday the 26th at 1pm and 4pm.

Price( as reported by WKBW -TV website): Adults $5 Children $3.

Proceeds to benefit the Lockport Exchange Club.

Each show lasts generally about 2 hours.

Additional Info:
This show is and has been performed by a dedicated group (approximately 60 total) of people who 100% voulenteer thier time from the clowns(from Niagara Clown Alley and the Exchange Club) that perform to the stage crew that helps to setup and change "sets" for the show.

The people involved also include the extra performers (Magicians, acrobats, ect) that help out with the performace as well. In years past they have had the The Lockport Flips,USA Self Defence Center,Nels Cremean(juggler), Flippin Out Extreme Trampoline Arieal Act(these guys were AWESOME last year and they ARE comming back this year just talked with their manager and as of right now they are comming unless something happening batween now and friday ). And that is just naming a few of the "outside" acts.

As to who exactly is showing up this year as "outside" acts  im not 100% as of yet , ill have more info on that after Thursday evening when we do setup.

So as they say "Come One, Come All, to the Greatest Little Show on Earth".(or at least in Lockport :) )

I'll definately be there as part of the stage crew helping out.

Enjoy :)


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