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For those of you that MAY NOT have noticed... ( it wasn't published in the LSJ as far as I can see)

Daily Grind Coffee Shop  is no longer existant .. It is now known as Cafe Karma..

As of ABOUT 1- 2  weeks ago it was aquired by a local business owner.

I had the urge to go out at arouund 7 or 8 pm last night ( Tuesday)  for  cup of cofee.. and some good music .. and was not disappionted..

John and Dennis as well as the other gentleman( I forget the name right now) who was doing the cooking were every cordial to all the customers that visited. Many of whom were regualrs  when it was "Daily Grind".

As of right now, they specialze in mostly Coffee, Salads and Panini sandwiches.  Unlike Tom(which mind you I am not knocking Tom for what he tried to do)   who did a bit of a pick and mix of sandwiches and wraps.

From talking whth Jon(owner) and Dennis(business partner) asking if they would be willing to expand thier menu.. they said " Yes definately, we will see what the people want".

Hours of operation: As of right now.. for the winter time ..  8:30 am till 9pm Monday to Friday.
 After the winter(this comes dirtectly from the owners) when the tourism season  'kicks in'  they will be open every day with varying time frames.( I will update with new info when it becomes available)

Prices(according to the menu) : Cheapest item is $1.00 for a can of soda  all the way  to $6.49  for a Panini Sandwich  with meat. Not bad for a quick lunch.

 Daily soups and possibily sandwich specials are offered.
 It is HIGHLY suggested to call for these(Tried one of thier soup specials last night,  which was a shrimp and corn bisque(chowder) it was really good))

Contact information : (716) 439-0929

They also offer delivery with a MINIMUM  $20.00 order

"Events" that happen at Cafe Karma:

Tuesday and Friday Night : Open Mic Night

Thursday Night(if remebering corectly):  Tarot Card readings for $25(if memeory serves from 6pm-9pm)

I will update more specifics as information becomes avialable.

Personal opinon:   I am IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM  ...saying this in a bad way at all..  but .. I hope John ad Dennis  make a "go" of this  ... IN the 13 years that I have been in Lockport I have seen AT LEAST  4 businesses come in and out of that particular spot.. .

They have a good attitude toward thier customers and will do what they can to make thier customers happy.

I wish John and Dennis  all the best of luck in thier endeavors  and wiil partonize them and I WILL send people thier way while waitng for or or after cave tours.

Enjoy your coffee and Sandwiches at Cafe Karma.



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Article, lol

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I went there today for a 1st time cup of joe. Was very disappointed in the cleanliness. Very. House blend was okay. I would not return based on the state of uncleanliness I saw while standing at the front counter of their food prep/grilling/storage areas for their menu. Front counter display case was crusted with dirt, grime and crumbs in with the pastry for sale... I am going to say from looking, they were not from today's freshest batch. I hope these thigns do change!! I have an inner Bohemian that yurns for that "spot" , I just don't want to get sick going there.

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