Parking for Santa

Posted by Anonymous

It appears that the deal is sealed for the Santa House at Day Rd Park in the Town. The contract has been signed by both parties.

What one (me) could have imagined as a nice little touch in a small urban neighborhood park will now be lost in the expanse of a large semi-rural park. At least the all important "parking problem" is solved. Hopefully the 75,000 sqft of available parking will make the visit to the 250 sqft Santa House memorable and a huge success. ;)

What wonderful thing can we create with the foundation in Altro Park?

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Anonymous said...

Too bad the Mayor wanted it moved to the back near the tennis courts, I suppose that if I were Chris I would have gone somewhere I was wanted also.

Rocketboy said...

The town can have it. I don't want every private group bothering the City of Lockport with trying to get their pet project built on city land. It really does set a bad precedence. And just think how excited that Mongielo will be with everyone driving by his not a billboard trailer parked at the roadside.

And I say we kick it 80's style and make it into a breakdancing stage. Either that, or we force the people responsible for what was in all actuality an illegal act remove it, and restore the damage it caused.

Anonymous said...

The tennis courts are right near the parking lot for all the parking fear mongers. I don't see how that is a necessarily bad location to the public at large. Though, it does lack the canon to protect Santa from any rebel forces invading from the SE.

Shouldn't the city be able to hold a dialogue on the best placement of a pet project to be placed on public land? He was approved by the city. Why does discussing the location = "not wanted"? He wasn't being asked to place it down by the sewage treatment plant.

There seems to be a trend growing of people being approved by the city and then blaming it for poorly explained reasons. I wish Santa would give a detailed explanation of his city "hardships".

In the end the city lost out on a 16x16 decorated shed to be used 12 times a year. Onto the next project…maybe the concrete can be broken up into an Easter Bunny hole?

phantonrunner said...

Wow, talk about Bah Humbug Rocket.

What would be nice is if they could transform Day Road Park into a "Winter Wonderland" walk through display during the holiday season. A hot Chocolate truck, maybe some groups singing Holiday Related (so not to offend anyone) songs. It would be a great place to take the family.

Personally, I'm glad its not in a city park, now I'll feel safer going to see Santa...

Bonus for the town, I hope they build on it and make a destination out of it....

Anonymous said...

It's too bad the city site only already offered ice skating 20' away and a new heated building 50' away that could pour hot chocolate. Might as well try to rebuild everything out in the town since I forgot how dangerous Willow St is. The hot chocolate truck would pry be rocked over and robbed on the first night... ;)

People don't do walk through displays anymore either: only drive through. Maybe they should make the Santa shed a drive thru attraction. Possibly Santa could hop in everyone's mini van for a couple minutes?

The only bah-humbug here is a person who couldn't handle a dialouge on the exact location in a park for his already approved project. He can't even give a detailed reason why.

Rocketboy said...

Phanton... If it's a "bah humbug" to not support a project that involves giving parkland to a private individual/group, then yes, "bah humbug". Doubly so when said person/group decides to illegally damage the park by pouring a concrete pad w/o proper permission. If it's "bah humbug" to recognize that sadly Christmas brings controversy (see the "war" on Christmas), and maybe we'd be best to avoid making ourselves a target, well, "bah humbug".

But really, you should be estatic that it's not in the warzone that is the City of Lockport. Either way, here's a pro-tip. If you are so terrified of the City of Lockport, you might want to move a little further away than next door. You might want to make sure you move further away than the same school district.

Anonymous said...

Thank god the City doesn't have to foot the bill for another fool hardy project. For a building that will maybe used 3 weeks of the year for a fly by night operation that builds one place illegally and then decides to build some where else when some questions what there are doing, the Town can have it!
The next step is for the City to sue this fool to have the foundation removed at their expense.

Anonymous said...

I know that the city gave him written permission to build and pour the pad before the council meeting, so that was not his fault he was told to go ahead and do it, the only reasons for moving to the town were because chapman told him to and because of the concerns of parking, neighbors and stuff, I know he got mislead through the process but intentions were always good, I know he plans to remove the pad and restore the park to what it was at his cost, the whole project is funded by him and donations so it never cost the city anything, the whole project was never meant to make people mad it was meant to be a nice thing for the community that was free and is a donation, its not his fault that he was told to go ahead and build it months ago buy council people and then when he did people got mad, but thats not his fault, he doesnt make any money off this at all and never will, the house is a museum to hold history christmas items and then a place for kids to visit santa, I feel bad that the guy is getting negative things thrown at him when he only did what he was told to do and had permission, I would have thought the community would welcome something that was free for families.

Anonymous said...

1) The city can give permission for a project. It does not mean that someone can just go ahead and start a project without securing the proper permits to make sure everything from drainage to handicap accessibility is done properly. Being the head of the Palace I'd figure he would know that. If he had an approved building permit for the work he wanted to do he would be able to show it. I’d be excited to start to. If that’s all it was then just say so, get the right permits and tweak it for whatever may be needed.

2) One council member says someone may have said something about the placement and it’s a reason to say you are "not wanted"? Does anyone directly talk to anyone else anymore or is this high school? What would have been so hard about asking Tucker directly? (Especially after the council had already officially approved it)

3) So a couple neighbors show up and ask about parking. They will do that for any project. It's ingrained in us from the parking fear mongers. There are not many people who really understand parking (even professional planners) except the mis-notion that the parking lot better consume 75% of the building site just in case everyone in the area decides to clone themselves and their vehicle and then go to every business at the exact same time. I guess if you put it out in mo man'd land there is no one to be "negative".

4) The only negativity here appears to be from the "pick up your ball and go home" response from some hearsay.

It would have been a nice idea. And although “free”, it still would have the need to be looked after the other 329 days of the year and it would become the city’s responsibility to remove if he ever walked away from it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, don't get your panties in a bunch because someone offered their opinion that contradicts your own. This is why Lockport will always remain the non progressive, lagging behind, shell of a city. Too many naysayers. The negativity runs deep here. Maybe Dollar General can build a kiosk there instead. "D.G. to go" Would that make you happy??

Rocketboy said...

Wait, whose panties are in a bunch right now? Please, inform us of what little slice of heaven that you reside in, and that we should all look for as the guiding light to utopia.

Anonymous said...

That could be said for both sides of the agrgument. Why does discussing the pros and cons of an issue make one feel that way?

I've said I liked the idea. I don't think it's too much to ask for the exact reasons why the initial "panties in a bunch" happened.

And what is "progressive" out in the town?

bird feather said...

Wow, stumbled across this looking for something else...perhaps a better project to put energy into (cause it seems people look for negative stuff to write about) is the dilapidated , hole in ground mess of the old Lockport Mall.
Did some research on the Santa House project via newpaper articles, sheesh, give the guy a break, he is really only trying to do something positive for kids and the area. Is it a pet project, why yes, so what. It's not a crack house or a strip club. He was steered in the wrong direction by the "powers in charge". Perhaps if given the correct answers and proper procedures it wouldn't have happened this way.
It won't be abandoned the rest of the year, some people have the Holiday spirit 365.

Anonymous said...

Mall will coming down for the new Walmart. Like most new Walmarts the legal process takes 6-10 years. It will sit there and wait until then.

Again, no one has questioned his intent to provide a unique thing under his own dime (except for the land).

The only reason this is "worth the energy" is it follows a lady this past spring, who was given zoning variances, appeared to leave happy and then vaguley complained that she was denied etc as a reason for not moving forward. "big evil city". All I ask is that these slighted people give some details on why they feel that way.

As for most relationships (personal, business, etc)how is anything supposed to improve without that feedback. Throwing out generalities, especially negative ones, moves nothing forward. Saying exactly what went wrong or proved to be insurmountable does.

Rocketboy said...

Bird... You must have failed to read any positive posts here (both in comments and as articles), or intended not to read any. My main (and really, only) objection was that this was a private project built on public lands. Of course it's not a "crack house", as last time I checked, crack was illegal, and of course it wasn't a strip club. Which, if someone DID want to build a strip club on private land, I wouldn't object to it. Just like if he wanted to build his Santa House on private land, with his own money, who am I to care?

LockportGal said...

I drove by Altro Park on my way home yesterday and the concrete pad was being broken up and removed.

Anonymous said...

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