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Is it still open?

All signage is gone from the Main St and Parking lot windows though product is still inside. My guess is that she had to close up shop with possibly Ulrich taking over the stock and fixtures inside. Has anyone heard anything?  We did miss Wilhelm and Ashe Home after the original owners moved south and although we hoped for the best, "Season's" did not feel quite the same. Just What the Doctor Ordered has closed, Wilhelm and Ashe Floristry has not returned after the fire and now Season's appears to be gone. Luckily Gould's Flowers still remains. Hopefully someone takes over this location. An actual retail location (an upscale one at that) in this development was nice to have.

Also, some interior build out is happening in the two "buildings" next to Hunt Real Estate along Walnut St. I wonder if tenant(s) are lined up.


Eric Robert Jackson said...

Thankfully Caruso's has reopend this week after the fire on Charles Street. Its great to see any business open downtown. The front of the building is still in rough shape. I went through it last week and it still smells pretty bad. Hopefully Jayne can get the repairs completed soon so someone, if not Wilhelm & Ashe, can open a great new business.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see Caruso's back. It is a unique urban gem in DT. It is located on a sparce street draws little foot traffic but it is always interesting to walk by and peek into.

They also had my favorite of last year's DT Holloween displays:

Best of luck on their return.

LoneWolf said...


Regarding the "build out" next to Hunt in the the UCC... I sopke with some of the workers the other day when I delivered a Hunt Real Estate.. fromwhat they said one of the area is going to be supposedly for Hospice. The other one they weren't sure of.

But whateer it happens to be anything is better than nothing. I know they have been working there for AT LEAST the past week. If i find any more out ill let ya know.

Anonymous said...

Noticed over the weekend that the former "Season's" is having a liquidation sale with everything 60%. We didn't have time to stop in though.

It's a shame losing the only business there that used it's front doors. The city really needs some kind of "front entry" code if we are going to get people on Main St.

Rocketboy said...

That sucks. Of course, the only time I ever stopped in that storefront was during the "Arts" and "Crafts" festival downtown. They had a lot of nice things, but nothing I would ever know what to do with, or pay that much for. (Except one perfect birthday present.)

LoneWolf said...


As far as the two spots being worked on in UCC, again as i mentioned abover one is for Hospice( the spot closest to Hunt), the next one over is foir the Accounting firm that is already located in UCC to mive into .

I found this out yesterday while speaking with the working in the areas.


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