Council Agenda 09-15-10

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Not much on the agenda for tomorrow's council meeting:


Anonymous said...

Has the Walmart project dropped from the face of the earth? Someone needs to find out what in the world is the status of this project and get real answers.

Anonymous said...

Let the town have Walmart. I'll take a Target in the city.

Anonymous said...

Now that would be a good use for historical credits, tear down all the Genessee t area and put a Target in! LOL - good luck on a Target

Anonymous said...

Batavia has a population less than the city of Lockport. The town of Batavia has way less than the town of Lockport. Yet, they have sprouted a bunch of "chain" development near I-90 (including a Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc). There are other variables in play (the interstate, no other "city" near by, etc but I don't think Smith is too crazy in his "Transit North Plan" as it applies to untapped retail potential for our area.

The town should "take" all the big box developments. Seas of parking do not belong in the city. Most of city was foolishly demolished for this "cause" 50 years ago. The town and city of Lockport are one "area" even though we like to keep the invisible line between them. In a perfect world they would function as the singular unit that they are. Zoning would put big boxes out where the cheap land is to handle the parking and it would put smaller stores in tighter shopping streets that people could walk to and around. Way too progressive for anywhere in NYS where we rather fight over each others scraps and duplicate everything.

The Walmart will happen. The one in Lancaster just opened 11 years after being announced. It's all part of the game. Last word was to hear something around December in regards to the demolition of the mall.

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