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LUSJ reported on the ongoing state confrontations at the Mill St demo site.

...Off to the side, Krzyzanowski’s wife, Diana, sat on a concrete barrier, watching a government agent parked across the street watch her and Scott. The Newfane native sighed she’s ready to go home — to Texas.

“(Scott’s) got three investors ready to put in a small plaza here, but not until that building’s gone. We don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to do that,” she said. “To hell with it, let’s go home.”

Diana had just finished telling Tucker it was suggested to her that a union contractor dropped a dime to the Labor Department on the Krzyzanowskis, perhaps after spreading asbestos around the property. Tucker nodded, indicating the same suspicion was conveyed to him...
I don't blame them. Just go back home to Texas and leave the frustration of NYS behind.

Why can't the state work with these type of people who take on a brownfield challenge in a depressed area? Why do they have to be the "tough guy"? Why not come, explain and then offer up a grant or something to help the process along. The owners already demonstrated starting to take it down and the way its going, the state will end up paying for the abatement and removal anyways somewhere down the road.

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Rocketboy said...
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Anonymous said...

Mayor Tucker: Regarding the Mill Street project, The New York State inspectors have a duty to protect the people it effects that live in that area. Im wondering what your reaction would be if asbestos were flying around your neighborhood. Shouldnt safety the first priority? I just cant believe what I read when I read your comments in the paper.

LoneWolf said...

MJ~ you said in the original post " Go back to Texas and leave the frustration of NY behind".

While I DO agree with you to an extent, it's the point that they ( the current owners) invested the money and have other investors "waitng in the wings" to do something with this property, that would probably be a good thing. If they were to just pack up and leave, and not do a darn thing , that would leave the place vacant YET AGAIN, and waiting for another person to take ownership.

Whose to say the new owners with "big plans" for the property would be "snubbed" as well. At least this couple HAD plans in the works. Where are these so called investors to help them out.

The couple already took the initiative to purchase the property, for however much it went for, if they REALLY wanted to do what they planned they , or the proposed investors should have taken into account what needed to be done to do what they wanted to do.

Just my thoughts

LoneWolf said...


I agree , why would labor interests have any thing to do with this situation. As far as i was able t gather he was planning on doing most if not all of the work himself. Or hire a contractor with his OWN MONEY to do the job.

As far as calling the police, thats an "iffy situation" . While I agree it was badly handeled, it would be interesting to knwo what EXACTLY the "tip off" was. Or why the new owner thought he had to call the police on a state inspector.

Justmy thoughts.

Anonymous said...

IMHO I think that was a sarcastic comment by MJ to go back to Texas. What I think he meant was why would anyone want to do business here in NY with the bureaucratic crap and the strong unions which probably gave them problems.
And asbestos doesn't fly around like a frickin bird especially when it's been water soaked like any legitimate asbestos there would be.

Anonymous said...

I agree it would be a good thing. Hence my complaint on how a NYS authority is handling it.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is NYS asbestos rules are draconian. They treat friable (pipe wrap) and non-friable asbestos (roofing material) as the same and require incredible bureaucratic reporting, monitoring requirements in addition to significant fees for their permits ($5000+). Strange where the only way to deal with asbestos waste is to dispose of it out of State in Ohio or Michigan. This is becoming a police state where the government wants to have control over everything!

Rocketboy said...
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LockportGal said...

From todays Buffalo News: http://www.buffalonews.com/city/communities/lockport/article204421.ece

LoneWolf said...

Hey there ...

To LockportGal... thanks for that article... that just empohasises the fact hat NYS .. tries to hinder poeople who want to do something good ..

GRANTED Iwill agree as Isaid in another post ..about the "abatement" who the hack cares if its done by union workers or of its done by a private company.. as long as it gets done...

TO Rocket..

Not putting union wokers down .. i know they do a darn good job.....i wont deny that.. i my self at one point was a nion worker .. BUT considering present economy .. how owuld any one afford to hire Union workers ??.. They have a set pay rate ....and if you cant meet or agree to that rate . the job wont get done.. and that .. I feel is what this owner is dealing with ...

On the situation in general.. $ 20K fine due to the fact that he was going to the do the work himself ??? Coupled wioth the fact the city ASSUMED ... all woudl be ok ???? Did someone NOT do thier home work ????? Was either the owner or the City ??

The City/County gave clearance to do what needed to be done ... if im reading thing correctly .. and sold the property so now whos gonna "foot ther bill" for doing this .. consiodering ???

Especially at $20K to even demolish the building ....which should have been to begin with along with many other places in the city .. (cough..... chough .... parking garage)

Rocketboy said...
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