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Posted by LoneWolf

Just curious and a point of note~

The Davison Road Campus ( where social services WAS at one point) is up for sale... I'll provide a pic for proof tomorrow while i'm out and about doing papers in the area.

I have been trying to find out what USED to be there ... with little sucess.. if any one knows  .. any info would be greatly appreciated....

Auction listing  : http://tinyurl.com/2b2d9kl

Look under the "Comming soon" area. It's listed under Niagara County Davison Complex. ( In blue area near bottom of the site). It appears to be an "Online Auction".

Any info would be appreciated.


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added map -MJ


LockportGal said...

When my ex played ball back there, they called it he Infirmary...dont know why.

LockportGal said...

Jeff...perhaps this will help: http://www.lockport-ny.com/Pictures/14.htm

Laurie said...

I saw the sign in front earlier this week.

Being a relatively new Lockportian I only know it as the place where people unofficially let their dogs off-leash to run.

LoneWolf said...

Locport Gal~
So if im redinging thing correctly ..

Its WAS at one point a grave yard, as wel as a home for those that did't have a place to go ..

I always wondered WHY .. the place was left aboandoned for so many years.. and that explains a lot ,,,,

In a way a perfect spot for a haunted attraction in Lockport ..

Think about it .. each place could potentially be its own attraction ..

Well I wont give tooo many of my secrts away .. they are to valuable LOL

Any one else with info on Davison Road Campus ??


Rocketboy said...

I cannot find an article, but last I heard it was purchased by one of the local non-denominational churches.

LockportGal said...

I knew that Victory Christian was interested in it as a school campus, but i think that fell thru and they went elsewhere.Hence..its still for sale..

Darren said...

This was the old Niagara Infirmary. In back of it many people who died there in the 1st half of the century are buried, including children... in a Potter's Field of sorts.

Darren said...
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Darren said...

LoneWolf: It STILL is a graveyard. Many people were buried there but there are no headstones. The people buried there were too poor for a regulary cemetary or had no family to claim them. If you go on back you will see two memorial markers. I saw one person above say they walk their dog over there. Please be respectful of where the burials are and try and avoid it.

Laurie said...

I'm not trying to attack you Darren, but I'm not clear on what you are saying to avoid. unless your are littering or something I don't see a problem with walking near or even over a gravesite. I'm sure it happens more often than you think.

(the two times I've been there with the dog it has been back much closer to the treeline, but still we have walked in the field)

Oh and I'm all up for other suggestions on a place in the city a dog can run off some steam.

Anonymous said...

You don't see anything wrong with walking your dog over where people are buried? How would you feel if I walked my dog over to where one of your relatives lay at peace?

Rocketboy said...

Anon... You can walk your dog over my grave all day long. Granted, I'm not going to be greedy and claim a stake of the earth for eternity when I die, but if I did (I'll be dead, I really won't have control), you can consider my gravesite an official dog park.

Anonymous said...

After doing some extensive genealogy research I found that my great uncle is buried at the Infirmary Cemetery. While it is a public space I do find it particularly creepy and disrespectful that someone would think it wasn't in great distaste to let their dog take a dump where many men, women and children were buried. Seriously, you need to whine about where you can walk your dog? How about anywhere else that doesn't disrespect the dead...and where you can carry a little plastic bag to clean up after the dog? When I go to Forest Lawn to visit my dad's grave site I don't see a single person letting their pet walk all over people's grave sites.

Anonymous said...

Where some see disrespect for the dead, others see a celebration of lives that were lived.

Many cemeteries, including Buffalo's Forest Lawn http://www.forest-lawn.com/page/history/ , were created for this dual role. Some envision a cemetery as a place of forgotten people never to be disturbed where others see it as a place to visit, enjoy, and remember.

Deer, fox, birds and many other animals roam the cemeteries taking "dumps" and that is with no one there to clean up after them. I can see disrespect in a situation like teens drinking, breaking bottles, etc but I personally find someone enjoying the space with their pet (enjoying life)a valid use. They should be cleaning up poop regardless of where they are at.

If anything is missing here, it is a better “announcement” of what the area actually is. It may give those who visit something to ponder, be thankful for and maybe even inspire to further help out today's poor in some form.

Laurie said...

I would just like to assure those others, I would certainly not do anything to anyone else's ancestors that I do not inflict upon my own on a visit, and certainly clean up after my dog anywhere, not just in the cemetery.*

I am sorry to hear about your father Scrappysabre8. I have and will continue to spare a thought for all the nameless deceased encountered at any grave site, be it in a field or under a parking structure.

So now that more people know what indeed that space was are there legal or moral restrictions on future development? Is there information on the acreage? Does anyone really think patio homes are a good idea as the auction site suggests?

*Though I must admit, I do not have memory of cleaning up after horses I have ridden over battlefields.

Anonymous said...

I think you can build on the property... there is plenty of space... just respect and leave alone the small area identified by 4 markers in the back field.

Anonymous said...

Hey MJ
Could you unplug the hot link for google map.
Everytime i come here i have to keep scrolling back to where i was reading.
Its kinda of bothersome.

Anonymous said...

When I worked there in the '60s, the large brick building was the Nigara County Infirmary, an acute care facility, and the land was known prior to that as the PoorHouse. There was farmland, and other brick buildings were dormitories for the county's indigent who worked the farmland for their keep. There was also a chapel, and housing for the superintendant.

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