Lockport Santa House

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The Buffalo News and the LUSJ reported on the Santa Claus House going up in Altro (Willow) park near the  canon at the corner of Willow and Cottage.

Chris Parada, executive director of the Historic Palace Theatre and a veteran Santa player, is having the house built and decorated using donations and money from his own pocket.

He envisions the house being open for children’s visits with Santa Claus at least three days or nights a week during December, as well as being a place where children can send their letters to Santa — and, with help from adult volunteers, get replies.

The house, a 16-by-16-foot structure resembling an old schoolhouse, is being constructed by Orleans-Niagara BOCES trade students now and should be delivered to Altro Park soon, Parada told members of the Common Council on Wednesday. Lighting will be strung on the outside and path to the house; and the inside will contain a full-size sleigh for children to sit on while they’re meeting with Santa...
The story is a little more interesting when you visit the "official" website: Lockport Santa. The history page reveals another unique piece of WNY history.

I noticed that the foundation was started when we drove by on Sat. I'm curious to see the final result. The planning board approved it last week.


LockportGal said...

I did read that some local residents were against this. How can one really complain? Its free. I guess the main concern was parking. Another local resident complained it was going to restrict her view of the park. WTH? Its at the end of the park. I think its a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Everyone will have their input and it is not always a bad thing. Even at some of the zoning meetings, residents will come in with some concerns although they are not against a project as a whole.

Coming from an engineering background I'm used to others critical thinking/testing an idea. The initial reaction is usually feeling like someone is against the idea (you) as whole but that is not necessarily the case. We have to actively keep our defenses down at times to promote dialogue and the betterment of projects.

Parking is a common concern. I guess I can see why when we've made it control everything we do but it is still usually given too much importance, especially in an urban area.

The park has two lots (one on Cottage and one on Willow) almost equidistant from the site and since Lockport does not allow overnight parking there is a huge surplus of on street parking everywhere.

My only thoughts would be the aesthetics of putting a Santa Claus house next to a War Canon.

DocWu said...

I had the same thought when I saw where they built the foundation. I could see some veterans group against it for eclipsing the war memorial.

I just wonder why it is being put in a city park? There is no question it's a nice idea and I guess it's not costing the taxpayer anything (today) but what if I come up with some idea I'm passionate about and want to erect some facility in the park? Can I have my chunk of land for that too?

This smacks of a "Sacred Cow" - a project guised as something no one dares disagree with. What politician would dare object to Santa Claus?

What's the real plan behind the house that we don't know? Will it be free, or a scheme to somehow make money while sitting tax-free on city property?

LockportGal said...

Oh..I forgot about the lot on Cottage, as many others must have to. The woman in the article I read said something about parents not wanting to trudge their children from that far end of the park in the snow and cold. Obviously that other lot was overlooked. The nearness to the cannon is interesting. Do they ever have ceremonies there, or is it simply there for kids to climb all over?

Rocketboy said...
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