Foreclosure Auction

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It's that time of the year again. The yellow and black signs are appearing on properties around the city signaling the pending arrival of the annual foreclosure auction.

The Buffalo News reported.

LOCKPORT — A list of properties heavy on small homes in the older parts of the city will be auctioned off at the city’s annual tax foreclosure sale, City Treasurer Michael E. White said Friday.
The auction catalog includes 27 properties, 23 of which are houses. “It should make it interesting,” White said.
The sale is set for 6:30 p. m. Aug. 17 in City Hall. Bidders may show up to register starting at 5 p. m.
In a new procedure this year, White said prospective bidders may go inside properties on Aug. 16 or 17, but only by making an appointment in advance with the Building Inspection Department at 439-6754....
The properties can be viewed at http://www.auctionsinternational.com/ .

This is a rather simple run of the mill process. As I have said in the past, it would be nice to see it taken to another level with neighborhood plans and incentives.

UPDATE 08-13-10
LUSJ reported.


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