Drug Bust

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The Buffalo News (article 2)and the LUSJ have both reported on a large scale drug bust in the city:

Local law enforcement arrested 18 people on federal drug charges in Lockport, Gasport and North Tonawanda on Tuesday morning, including alleged ring leaders, Eric Williams and Damien Ard, both of Lockport.

Lockport Police Chief Larry Eggert said Williams, 31, 118 Chestnut St., was their main target after a year-long investigation led to Williams, who Eggert said ran a drug organization of people around the county. Cocaine that Williams was selling was reportedly being trafficked into the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area from Texas.

“He ran a ring of people — all but one of whom we were able to detain,” Eggert said.

Eggert said his department, in addition to other agencies, executed 19 federal arrest warrants and 10 federal search warrants in Lockport, Gasport and North Tonawanda...
The list of names is a little light on actual addresses. Is it a "federal" thing to withhold that information?

Most of us probably see some type of activity on a routine basis. I've considered a blog post for "pictures of people and their cars who park in front of my house then walk around the corner for less than 5 mins". Usually following one around the corner or hawk-eyeing their plate keeps them moving or pretending to go elsewhere.

Anyone have any success reporting things to the LPD? They could most likely build a real nice database.


WookieeBear said...

OMG, I've seen some ridiculous things going on in this town, unbelievable and bold!

There was a drug house on my street where cars would stop in front (loud cars, loud music) and people would walk up to the front window, money would be passed in, and a brown paper bag out. Like a drive-thru window. I bet they got fries with their order.

Start a blog like that and I'll send in pictures of what happens by my friend's house!!

Anonymous said...

that blog sounds like a good idea!

Anonymous said...

thats stupid. oh well if the drugs go around. its never guna end. so u might as well let it go cuz new leaders r just guna start buldin up makin dat cash money

Rocketboy said...

Well, with an argument as well spoken as that, I'm convinced.


Anonymous said...

Were those song lyrics?

They are true though. Hence "calling out" the customers.

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