Ulrich's Canal St Plans?

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Seems Lockport’s (only?) developer David Ulrich is proposing something for Canal St. today. The Buffalo News and the LUSJ reported:

...David L. Ulrich is to meet behind closed doors today with the board of the city’s development agency to discuss the empty buildings along the north bank of the Erie Canal, which were renovated at a cost of more than $3 million, mostly in state and federal grants.

Proposals ranging from a wine store to the headquarters of a digital screen manufacturer have fallen through.
Now Ulrich, landlord of Ulrich City Centre on Main Street, will go before the Greater Lockport Development Corp. to make a pitch for a new project...
What would you hope to see?

I’d love to see the Niagara Wine Loop Shop come back in its original form. I’d be knocked silly if an actual residential mix was proposed. I may need shock paddles if mixed use infill development is mentioned.

UPDATE 06-04-10
Most meeting updates from The Buffalo News and The LUSJ with not much by the way of new information.


LoneWolf said...


I will say WHATEVER Ulrich PLANS on doing .. it BETTER be something really substansial(sp) for the city.. other wise I'll bet "dollars to doughnuts" it will serisously "blow up in his face" and won't make him any better than "another devloper".

Granted I personally am all for getting more business downtown, and I DO applaud Ulrich for what he has done (to an extent) so far.

However with Canal Street .. it had better be something TANGABLE that can be looked on as a POSITIVE point in the city, and not just "blowing smoke" to be the "biggest rooster in the hen-house" and leave empty buildings to "rot" as so many are doing now in the city.

In one aspect, I do have SOME knowledge as to what is being done however not sure if its part of the "gag order" or not so A) im not at liberty to say and B) Don't want to get a particular person in trouble should it be the case.

However, what I can say it it is something somewhat beneficial for the area, especially for many of the local businesses should they choose to partake in the venture.

Just My Thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Is GLDC private or public, I guess I'm asking do they fall under freedom of information laws? This $10,000 hammer over their heads seems patently unfair. I think it's amazing that Ulrich thinks he owns this city and can do anything he wants too.
I can only imagine how much money he makes from the concert series.

LoneWolf said...

To :
Anon @ 6/13/2010 8:27 AM ~ you asked if the GLDC is public or private, accoording to http://www.elockport.com/city-community-development.php

It says about GLDC:
" Today's programs consist of housing and economic development programs operated by either the City or Greater Lockport Development Corporation (GLDC), a public not-for-profit local development corporation. "

So.. take out of it what you will ...

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