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                             Personal Photo taken at July 4th Parade 2009

The Lockport Trolly Rides again this year.

Date of Start: This month  not 100% sure of the date

For those of you unfamiliar with this tour.

This is a FREE guided tour (however donations are appreciated) on a Trolly that has been "outfitted" for normal street driving.

The tour itself takes ABOUT 1 hour   to 1 and 1/2 hour (depending)

The tour takes you through the city and shows you quite a few historical and interesting places in Lockport. Even for some "seasoned" Lockportians it shows you places you might not know about.

The "trolly guides" (Stan and Jon last have heard)  are quite knowledgeable as to the history of the buildiungs you will see on tour, and are willing to answer any questions you may have while on tour with them.
There are 8 "official" stops along the route, they are as follows:
  •  Erie Canal Discovery Center
  • Colonel William Bond House
  • Niagara County Historical Society
  • Lockport Inn and Suites
  • Holiday Inn
  • Kenan Center
  • Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Crusies
  • Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride
The Trolly arrives at each "station" at approximately the 15 and 45 minute mark of the hour. (or can be called "on demand" depending on the "station" you are at)

Hours:  9 am - 6pm (subject to change)

Personal note:
I have been on this tour quite a few times and it is VERY enjoyable Jon and Stan do a great job of making history FUN to learn.

Having only lived in Lockport for 12 years, and being a tour guide for Lockport Cave... I learned ALOT  on this tour.. it DEFINATELY  gives you a "diffrent perspective"  of Lockport History .. I HIGHLY recommend this tour to any one who lives in Lockport  OR may have family or freinds visiting from out of town as long as they are "engaged" with history .. this will be quite enjoyable for you and them.

Enjoy folks .. and see some rich Lockport History


Anonymous said...

I've taken the trolley tour several times and I always seem to learn something new each time. This summer I plan on taking my out of town visitors on the tour. It's a great way to introduce people to Lockport.

Anonymous said...

Another one of those attactions that every local should take to gain an understanding and sence of place about where they live. The more you learn and become attached to something, the more you wil try to make it better.

LoneWolf said...


I agree with :"The more you learn and become attached... the more you will try to make it better"

Considering the fact( as ive mentioned a couple times already) I'm NOT a Lockport Native(12 year resident this year as matter of fact) I have learned mre and have a greater appreciation for this City and Town, and have tried onmany occaions to make people more aware that we acctually exisit, and hav a a population of about 23K people, albeit it's a drop in the bucket as far as population, but we DO exsit, and we have a RICH history no ifs,and's or buts about it.

If only more people(including residents) would realize that. :)


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