Jamestown Container Building Sold

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Small tidbit buried in the Buffalo News:

...Also in Niagara County, an electronics company from Hong Kong paid $495,000 to buy a vacant manufacturing and warehouse facility at 85 Grand St. in Lockport from Jamestown Container Corp. The electronics firm, acting through 85 Grand Street LLC, bought the parcel from Jamestown Container Lockport Inc.

The 145,000 square-foot, three-story industrial building had been used by Jamestown and predecessor Great Lakes Container Corp. and Great Lakes Packaging Corp., and had been built up over time. It includes active rail siding, nine truck docks at the two ends of the building, and updated office space.

However, it has been vacant for about six months, after Jamestown Container moved the operations to other plants, said cqCammille L. Kantowski, the commercial real estate broker at Hunt Commercial Real Estate who handled the deal. A representative of the electronics firm could not be reached to comment...
Wonder what they would want with it and if there should be any hope of jobs attached anytime soon?


Anonymous said...

interesting, I'd missed that.

Rocketboy said...

My random guess is that it would be a distribution hub.

With a stress on the words 'random' and 'guess'.


Anonymous said...

It is an electronics repair facility used by major labels such as RCA/Audiovox for warranty repairs.

LockportGal said...

The state will probably say its contaminated or something, and the deal will fall thru...not unusual for this state. Lets hope not though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. Hopefully we will here more about jobs etc in the near future.

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