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Posted by LoneWolf

Greetings Lockportians and guests to Lockport~

Like last year , for those of you that were aware, there was a "Package Ticket Deal"  for 3 historical attractions in Lockport.

It consisted of the following "pay one price admission" of in and around 20$
  • Lockport Cave
  • Erie Canal Discovery Center
  • Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruises
This year its a little diffrent:

 Right now( as of lasat week) its starting out as a "2 Admission deal" for the following :
  • Lockport Cave
  • Erie Canal Discovery Center
After July 1st (as far as I have heard) it to the "3 admission deal"
  • Lockport Cave
  • Erie Canal Discovery Center
  • Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruises
The price.. like last year.. is AROUND the 20$ mark (might be around 25$  or so) .. .. I'll know more as things go on and will update this thread as I find out more info in the next week or so. The tickets are good for a THIS FULL TOURISM SEASON ONLY . (like last year)  So you DON'T have to go to all 3 attractions in one day , you can make a day or 2 or 3 , out if it , depending on what you would like to do and how yout time allows but they MUST BE USED this season.

Considering how "money wise" things are going for many people, its not that bad of a deal if you think about it .

You get AT LEAST  3 or 4 hours of rich history and stories about Lockport, as well as a "staycation"  . For under 30$ .

Just like last year, your ticket purcahse , can be done at any of the 3 attractions I listed above, as well as a Trolly ride  to take you from point to point.

Come out and enjoy some Lockport History .. and see parts of Lockport that you MAY not have seen before.

Take Care all.
I'll keep you all updated  in reagrds to Ticket prices for this "Pacakge Deal"  as updates become available.


Update : Bumped from Below.

Tickets for the "2 Pack Deal" (Discovery Center and Cave Tour)
  • $12 for Adults
  • $8 for children
Available at either the Discovery Center OR Lockport Cave Ticket office ( 2 Pine Street, Old City Hall), until July 1st.  On/After July 1st. it swtiches to the "3 Pack deal" for admission to : Discovery Center,Lockport Cave, and Erie Canal and Lock Cruises respective ticket offices. Price unkown at this time.

Update on the "3-Pack 'Passport' " :

  • As of July 1st Admission prices are as follows for the "3 Pack ' Passport' "
  • $26 for Adults
  • $16 for Children 
  • Tickets will be avialable at ALL 3 Participating Attractions ( Discovery Center, Lockport Cave, Erie Canal and Locks Cruise.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jeff for the information. I know I plan on buying a few of these tickets myself and advertising this deal to a few of my out-of-town friends and family.

LoneWolf said...

To Anon @ 12:36 PM ~

Your quite welcome for the info.

To everyone else~

The "2 attraction package" that is goin on right now.. is 12$

The "3 atraction package" price has not been published YET .. howver from what I am heraring it wil be AROUND the 24$ or 25$ mark.

More information wil be availble after the 1st of July.

I'll keep ya all updated.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Jeff. It's great to have.

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