NYS Water Trail System

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The Buffalo News reported the recently annouced Water Trail System created by the State Canal Corp.

The state Canal Corp. has created a trail system of 100 launch sites for boats and paddle craft across New York, officials are announcing today.

Dubbed the "Canalway Water Trail," the effort is aimed at improving existing sites by making them more user-friendly, Canal Corp. Director Carmella R. Mantello said at a press conference this morning in Mayor's Park.

One of the goals of the project is to have a launch site every 10 to 15 miles, Mantello said. Some sites along the trail are for motorized crafts, while others are for non-motorized. Some existing sites where camping is available are also included.

There are two sites in Erie County and seven in Niagara County that are part of the first 100 sites in the system. The site in Erie County are the Tonawanda Wall in the City of Tonawanda and the Amherst Boat Launch in the Town of Amherst.
The Niagara County sites include Nelson C. Goehle Marine Park and the Upper Terminal Launch in the City of Lockport; the Botanical Gardens, Mayor's Park and city launch in North Tonawanda; the Gasport Launch in the Town of Royalton; and West Canal Park and Marina in the Town of Pendleton.
Interactive map is here.


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