More Harrison Place Studies

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LUSJ reported:

Environmental testing will be done at Harrison Place this year, the state Department of Environmental Conservation has announced.
The Harrison Place complex, formerly home of the Harrison Radiator main plant, is considered a brownfield. It is being investigated to determine if contamination exists that could impede re-use....

Its nice to see the comment about marketing it as lofts, though I doubt there is a well laid out plan to "make it happen".
...Harrison Place is owned by Greater Lockport Development Corp. and managed by Mancuso Business Development Group of Batavia. The complex is mostly vacant, but some small business and individual tenants are renting space in parts of it. Mancuso is marketing the complex as suitable for office, commercial, industrial or loft occupation. Meanwhile, the city secured a $1.5 million grant from the state to undertake roofing, elevator and sprinkler systems repairs. Exterior paint on the complex was refreshed late last year
The western building is perfectly situated for them. Re-establish Elm St through to South St. to bring back some lost connectivity. Long blocks are activity killers. Bring some up do dat eliving options to the city and get some more people DT.


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