Beast of Burden

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Not the 'Stones song but an ultra-marathon (100 mile) scheduled to be ran along the canal towpath at the end of the month. Both the Buffalo News and LUSJ  reported:

The Beast of Burden Winter 100-Miler and 24-Hour Ultra Marathon will be run later this month between Lockport and Middleport….
…According to Pasceri, every ultra distance marathon (50 miles or more) has a unique feature: It’s run in the desert, through mountains or Death Valley, about the hottest place in the continental United States. The Beast of Burden run will be unique for following the Erie Canal towpath in winter.
“It’s already been deemed the official Winter 100 nationally and it hasn’t even happened yet,” Pasceri said.
The City of Lockport is signing on as a Winter 100 supporter, by allowing the restroom facilities and pavilion at Widewaters Marina to be used by racers. The facilities will be de-winterized and heated for the event, the Common Council decided by unanimous vote Wednesday.

The Winter 100 course consists of 12.5 miles of canal towpath between Widewaters and Middleport. Contestants will be challenged to run it forth and back, four times, in 24 hours or less. Middleport Fire Hall will be open to the runners throughout the race, Pasceri said…..
This is a great, unique event building off of what mother nature gives us in the winter. Kudos to Pasceri for imagining it and putting it together here in Lockport. Hopefully it is the start of many more. Not just for this event, but for any others that could add a unique flavor to our winters here in Lockport.

Official Winter-100 website.


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