Elementary School Closure?

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LUSJ reported that the Lockport School District is considering closing one of the neighborhood elementary schools due to state budget cutbacks and budget increases.

In light of hard financial times and a state budget crisis, Lockport City Schools will be making some difficult cuts that could result in the closing of an elementary school.
Superintendent Terry Ann Carbone told the Board of Education on Wednesday that the district is facing some difficult decisions with the 2010-11 school year budget. Under Gov. David Paterson’s proposed budget, Lockport is facing a cut of $3.9 million in state aid, on top of $4 million in increased costs.
“That translates to a seven-digit number in cuts — that’s in the millions,” Carbone said. “This is not an area where we want to overburden taxpayers. We also want to maintain, as much as possible, the quality programs for the youth of this community. Balancing that is going to be difficult — painful, quite frankly.”
Carbone shared some possible cuts to ease the burden, including closing one of the district’s seven elementary schools....

I hate to see one have to close as I love the neighborhood aspect of the elementary schools. Has anyone heard anything about which elementary school it may be?


Anonymous said...

I would hope they would look at what school could they sell to make money or at least get rid of so they don't have to maintain the property.
How about the one on Rogers, would the hospital want the property?

Rocketboy said...

I wouldn't say the one on Rogers, as it's the only one in the area. I'd doubt that the Hospital is looking for more property as well.

Also, I wonder, because it's always hard to find out, if we're losing $3.8 million, or we just didn't get an increase of $3.8 million. Many times, even though someone claims a cut, there is still an increase, just not as much as planned for earlier.

I wonder, will the Town be chipping in more now that the State isn't giving as much?

(Ponders a world were taxes were not messed up that we have to give money to the state so they can give it back)

Anonymous said...

It would either end up being DeWitt Clinton or John Pound that would have to be closed. Both have the least amount of students overall and are older facilities that already have a difficult time accomodating students with gym, band and lunches because they do not have a lunchroom/cafeteria.

Anonymous said...

Hunt could be closed with Kelly and Clinton close by,especially if they could sell it to the hospital.
Town residents pay the same as city residents for school taxes, it's all based on the valuation of the properties.
The only thing I would like to know is if the trailer parks are assessed high enough to cover the amount of households in there with all their kids.
Kudo's to the school board though for actually thinking of cuts in personnel instead of just raising taxes or cutting programs. Dump a school full of teachers plus a principal and an asst-principal, thats great!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really don't think WH will end up closing. Their class sizes are larger than JP and DC and I believe the building size is larger too. It would make more sense closing JP and splitting up students among RBK and CU. I guess only time will tell what the school district decides. Personally I think it's a good idea. The class sizes actually seem to be dwindling.

Anonymous said...

So many annonymi ;)

If it is one of the more visible schools I would hope that the city and the school district can be proactive and come up with a re-use plan.

Concerned said...

It's too bad there's no schools near Genessee St, the mayor and Jack could turn it into more low income housing!!! And there would be plenty of parking!!! LOL - Just kidding!!!

But I do disagree, you close whatever school you can sell and not worry about heating, etc. it's all a matter of $'s!!
To me, Hunt would be a perfect choice, but I think those neighbors would scream more than other neighborhoods!!

Anonymous said...

Don't joke Concerned ;) A loft conversion would have been my second thought (after selling to someone else, like the hospital, who may have an existing interest. One near Genesse would have had nice proximity to DT. I suppose the next two viable ones for lofts would be on High or West Ave.

West Side of Buffalo

DT Buffalo

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