InLighten Moves Forward

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The Buffalo News reported that law changes at the GLDC will allow the process to move ahead:

The city’s economic development agency took action Thursday that will make it easier to sell the Canal Street block to a Depew high-tech company looking to relocate.
The Greater Lockport Development Corp., at its annual meeting, passed new incorporation documents for itself that include a new provision, authorized by state law, that allows the agency to acquire property from the city for $1 and resell it at less than market value.
That’s exactly what the plan is for the deal with inLighten, the Depew digital screenmaker that plans to bring 70 existing jobs to Lockport and create 30 new ones within three years....
 I really hope this goes through. Some nice paying jobs DT and possible new residents are a plus. The question needs to be how to we sell them on the city? The city needs to plan for it.

One hangup on the deal was the large gazebo, funded through $105,000 in state grants, which is located between two of the buildings. Ottaviano learned that the state regards that as public parkland, which would require an act of the State Legislature before the city could sell it.
Ottaviano said inLighten wanted the land for possible expansion of the buildings, but Tucker said, “The gazebo’s off the table. The gazebo’s going to stay where it is.”
 This gazebo needs to be moved, especially if it is going to inhibit new development down the road. Place it over next to Urban Park Towers and incorporate it into whatever happens down at the parking ramp.Get people hanging out on Main St where the businesses are; not over on the other side of the canal once a business is there.

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