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LUSJ reported on 3rd Ward Alderman McKenzie's idea to establish an adopt-a-park system similar to the one used by the county to help keep street right-of-ways clean.

Third Ward Alderman Flora McKenzie is spearheading the launch of an “adopt a park/street” program throughout the city.

It’ll be similar to the Adopt-A-Highway program in which volunteer groups “adopt” stretches of road and keep the rights-of-way next to them cleared of litter.

McKenzie is hoping businesses and volunteer associations will step up for city parks as well as streets. Invitations to adopt one will be going out on city letterhead soon, she said Friday.
 This will be a nice start to formalizing volunteer efforts in Lockport's parks but it can and should go much farther. Though it may have to wait until the next AFSCME barganing session.

Volunteers would be restricted to picking up litter only, he added, to avoid potential conflicts with AFSCME, the union representing city streets and parks employees.

“There would not be any painting, mowing or tree trimming. I don’t need that,” Hoffman said.
Childrens' Park at Lincoln and S. Transit shows what can be done when volunteers are given more freedom to work. Longer term, the model should be open to other people/groups looking to do the same with other city parks.


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