Lockport and the Wine Trail

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The Buffalo News reported another article on the Niagara Wine Trail. Another year has gone by and I still feel a huge opportunity is being missed by not branding Lockport as the epicenter of the trail.

Now with the Canal St buildings possibly going to InLighten, is there any hope for the rebirth of the original (and best) Wine Emporium idea submitted by Martin?

The larger and more established the trail grows every year the bigger the loss for Lockport not tying itself into it from the start. At the same time the risk of another municipality running with it grows.


Anonymous said...

Well said...these type of opportunities don't come along everyday. I would personally enjoy a one stop shop for the local wines. Doing the tour is fun but a local store would be convenient and bring even more people downtown. Hopefully the City will catch on before the Town does.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I love the wineries in Niagara County. Help put Lockport on the map by branding it as an epicenter for good local wines and make it a specialty of the area. It would only be the start of something great and help build more business for the local wineries. Put a Niagara Country wine hub in part of the empty space of the Ulrich Center.

Anonymous said...

I like the use of the word "hub".

A major let down on the trail was always tasting a good wine at the beginning, but then not wanting to judge/commit too early, then ending up buying something else later on(or nothing at all) because there was no chance of going back to the first one.

It would be a huge bonus to take notes and then have the option to stop back at one location to purchase your favorites at the end. I also think it would help out the wineries since it would take out the effect of being the first or last on the loop.

Lockport would gain from those looking to eat or just taking note of what was around them. The city works well for those entering from the east and south (31, 77, 78, 990...) and sits perfectly on the bottom of the loop where a majority of visitors will pass through anyways.

UCC would be nice for the availability of parking but the space that Martin redid next to Chet's is also gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

On the topic: the Buffalo News article on the NCCC culinary institute expresses their interest to open a wine trail store as part of the possible development.


If we wait long enough someone will take the title. As for the store, it would be nice to have the original (and the best).

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