Snow Removal

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Well the endless snow fall has finally given it a rest. The LFD is asking us to pitch in to clear hydrants (its the water authority's responsibility). The LPD is reminding us to think of our neighbors by clearing our sidewalks. And a reminder from last year on how the city goes about plowing the streets.

My block was pretty good on both the sidewalk and streets. I heard the plows going by at night more times than I pry would have liked and I had no problem walking around the neighborhood several different times except for one property where the structures were removed last year. Most of my neighbors are good at helping each other out by alternately snow blowing or shoveling past their own property line. My thanks to those who I don't get to do so personally.

Enjoy the snow while its here. It'll be gone in a few months ;)


Rocketboy said...

(man, can I get off this site sometime tonight? geesh!)

The north end has been rather abysmal. It took a day and a half to mostly plow from the last three inches of snow leaving the roads a barely passable slippery mess.

(I know that for a fact, as I've been out just about every day removing snow from my driveway and the walks.)

I say 'mostly', because some side streets were not plowed until today (and I know of at least one that only one side of the road was plowed)... either that, or the slightly warmer temps and the traffic wore away some of the snow.

Jack Smith said...

Does anyone see any reason why the LFD can't pitch in to make sure the hydrants are clear of snow in their down time ?

Anonymous said...

Issuses with the water dept they can't test hydrants either

Anonymous said...

Jack - because you know if they do that one of them will hurt their back and be out forever! LOL, just kiddin!

Rocketboy said...

Umm, because they need to be in the building in case there's a call....that's one of the points of a paid FD.

There really isn't 'down time'.

Anonymous said...

I liked what i seen on channel 7 news tonight.
The reach out for help on this issue.
I have never seen one city employee cleaning out any fire hydrandts in this city accept for today when they were shown on TV today.
Why doesnt the city of lockport use the same criminals they do in the summer to cut grass and clean up rubbish in the winter months to clean out hydrandts.and then the city employees can spend more time with there plows down cleaning up the streets.
i work in buffalo and have to drive out of this area to find clean roads elsewhere but when i come across the county line from millersport it is nothing but terrible from the county line and in Lockport.
And when you do see a city plow there blade is never down.Why is that?

Anonymous said...

It pry comes down to contract union rules and job functions. Down time can be productive. The Buffalo Fire Dept. routinely inspects and marks abandoned structures ahead of time. If a fire happens to break out at that location in the future they know what to expect (holes in floors, collapsed sections, etc). They travel in their fire truck so that they are always ready to respond in case a call comes in.

Look at the old link and you can see why the city usually has a layer of snow on the streets for a longer period. Usually upon leaving the city roads are clearer unless like last weekend where the snow just continued to fall in the lake effect band non-stop. As fast as you plow it builds back up.

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