LFD Going for Accreditation

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LUSJ reported that the LPD is getting a bunch of new toys and reorganizing to obtain to become a New York State Accredited Department to help it get more state aid, be less liable in a law suit and to just do a better job.

Lockport Police Chief Larry Eggert is pulling out all the stops to get the state’s special stamp of approval in 2010.
New cruisers, new technology and more training are in the works this year as the department gears up to become what is called a New York State Accredited Department.
“We want our officers to be the best they can in the field,” Eggert said.
The new designation will help the department get state funds and will strengthen its position in any legal challenges it may face.

These may be some of their last Crown Victorias as Ford is soon to end production in 2011. Good for some advancement in gas mileage, safety etc but bad for swapping over parts.

“This is a one-year, labor-intensive process for us,” Eggert said. “We need everything approved, from the chair we sit in, to our evidence room.”
In regards to the chair, I sincerely hope not unless there is some grand reason to spend time on items like that.

Abbott said the old Ford Crown Victoria patrol vehicles are gas guzzlers.
“They only get about 7 miles to the gallon,” Abbott said. “They’re usually in idle for so long through the day that it brings down the car’s MPGs.”
To save a little gas, how about turning off the car and walking the beat for 15-20 minutes an hour? Police cars are great for reactionary measures but are not a preventative measure. Nothing beats an officer slowly walking through the area learning about it and observing what's going on. It's rather difficult to do driving past at 35 mph. Areas like Genessee St would benefit from soem form of it.

And the post can not be ended without a thank you for the job they perform for us.


Rocketboy said...

Good for them! I'm sure the chair comment was either facetious, or has to do with some ergonomic standard that was added to the processes.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I hope that Carbon Motors comes out with their purpous built police cruiser soon, it looks like it would be a huge boon to police departments needing new cars.

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