City Term Limits?

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LUSJ reported on the term limit discussion brought about by Fourth Ward Alderman Andrew D. Chapman:

Fourth Ward Alderman Andrew D. Chapman broached the topic during the Council’s weekly work session. He’s seeking support for a measure to impose a limit of two consecutive four-year terms for the mayor and three consecutive two-year terms for aldermen.

Chapman argued term limits would be “good for the city” because they’d encourage more “ordinary” people to pursue elective offices.

 I do find term limits interesting and maybe even needed on the state and national level since a lot of the representatives are far removed from their constituents and the cost of running is so high. On a local level such as a small city like Lockport, I find the current 2-year terms for the council a good enough check and balance without unnecessarily closing out a good one or two. You could easily walk to any of their houses, call their home phone or approach them at any number of meetings. Though I suppose there are some out there that would submit that there are no "good ones." ;)

The Buffalo News reported that a public hearing session has passed and will be scheduled at next week's session.


Rocketboy said...

I've never been one for term limits. Everyone has a say on term limits at the voting booth. If you want a term limit, don't vote for the incumbent.

LockportGal said...

Unfortunately most people dont do that though..they keep voting in the same ole bunch of candidates...

I dont however.

Rocketboy said...

Being an incumbent is always a minus point for me, but it's also not my place to take away someone's right to run, or take away someone's right to vote on someone.

But face it, the same person who would vote for an incumbent just because they know the name, is also the same person who would vote down party lines.

Granted, I do have my political leanings, but I don't vote party lines. Heck, I'm not even registered to a political party. Never have been, never will be.

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