Flintkote and Dussault

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The Buffalo News reported that city is debating taking over the old Dussault Foundry site if it can obtain a grant for the final cleanup and the LUSJ reported the $22 million dollar cleanup of the old Flintkote Factory and surrounding area is moving forward (DEC webpage).

As the old industrial sites are removed from along the creek, it would be nice to see a green way planned from Upson Park on the canal over to the Rolin Grant Wilderness Park down the steam. It would need to be nothing more than an extension of the hiking trails.

As for the Dussault site, the views off of a cleared escarpment would be beautiful. Although costing money, some type of development on this parcel and along Wasburn up to East Ave would be nice to see some day. Is the YMCA ready to change their plans and stay DT yet? ;)


Shoot Son Dang Girl Alissa said...

Haha. Im going to die.

"The investigations documented the pr...esence of approximately 105,200 cubic yards of ash fill containing semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and metals on the upland portions of the site, and approximately 14,500 cubic yards of creek sediment contaminated with SVOCs, PCBs and metals."

My friends and I used to go hang out at those abandoned locations, both Dissault and Flintkote, solely to photograph, explore, and see exactly what was back there. But now its obvious why they closed in the first place.

Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully all who tresspass have on a respirator on as it looks like lots of asbestos around... and highly friable too

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