Outerwater Ice Rink Rebirth

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LUSJ reporting that volunteers are trying to revive the ice skating pad at Outwater Park.

Naturally, Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, but volunteers are still trying to get an ice skating rink ready for use by Monday at Outwater Park.

Associates of the Lockport Little Loop Football league have been on the scene daily this week, spraying water in thin layers, letting it freeze and hoping it stays cold and dry enough to make ice.

A group organized by youth football coach Steve Porack cleared the snow off an old, designated ice skating area in Outwater about a week ago, then asked the city’s permission to fill the grassy depression. Initially there was a concern about turning city work over to volunteers, Mayor Michael Tucker said, but unionized parks employees signaled they’re fine with that. In fact, the department got water hoses hooked up for Porack to do the spraying...

Another example of people going out of their way to make the city better for all us. Weather around here can be frustrating with the slight warm ups ruining the snow and ice that make the cold weather fun. I wish them luck and for a return to 31°.

Anybody have good suggestions for winter fun in Lockport?


Rocketboy said...

Great news... it's nice to see what can happen when people decide to work together. It sounds like some of the city unions in Lockport are moving away from their hard line attitudes, and I for one, appreciate it.

According to the weather forcast, it looks like it will be back down below freezing later this week, so head on out!

goaltaylor33 said...

I'm glad the city got out of the way on this. I've said before that Willow's ice rink would be better off run on a volunteer basis by someone who cared, who would actually keep it maintained. Great to see this coming to fruition at Outwater.

Anonymous said...

This is great news! The Outwater rink was a great winter activity for me and my friends in the 70's and 80's. This is something that brings the nieghborhood a bit closer and gets otherwise TV watching/videogame playing kids off the couch and outside.

Anonymous said...

Bringing up ice hockey.
Whats the status of the chestnut st hockey arena?
i havent heard a word about it.Has anyone heard the progress of the new ice arena or has this been put to the side also.

Anonymous said...

My guess it is in the same funding limbo as a lot of other projects. I find it one of the more exciting projects in terms of being a city amenity and bringing non-residents into the city.

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